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Birds Pedia Vol3 app review: North & South American birds



Birders out there who want to have a handy reference guide to birds of North and South America may want to check out the Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America) app on their iPhone or iPad.

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What we have here is a handy reference tool that comes packed with a number of species and literally thousands of photographs to which birders will enjoy having access.

You’ll find this app in the Reference section of the App Store where it can be purchased for $4.99. There are no ads to this app and considering the huge database and photos, it seems like the price would be justified, but we won’t know that until we take a closer look at the features of this app. Let’s get right to it!

Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America)


Interface and Size

Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America) is an entirely self-contained app, allowing users to access all the information and photographs of the birds even when they are not connected to the internet.

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On the flip side, the app takes up a whopping 561 MB of space, so those of us whose devices are already packed with music, podcasts, photos, ebooks, and the works, we’ll need to move things around a bit in order to accommodate this hefty app.

Don’t be fooled by the size though, as the responsiveness of the app is very swift. The interface also allows for more than one screen at a time, which is especially useful for those using iDevices with bigger screens.

Search through the listings
Search through the listings

Search, Species, and Selections

This app contains more than 1200 species of birds with more than 3600 stunning and vivid photographs to go with the entries. The screenshots will tell you just how beautiful the photography is.

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Birds are listed in alphabetical order by their common name and there is a search bar at the top that allows users to sift through the 1200+ entries. I’d like to mention here that it would have been great if the developers had made provisions to search by other parameters such as the location, color, scientific name, and more.

Once you select a bird from the list or through the search, you’ll be taken to a details page where you’ll learn all that you need to know about the bird including its habitat, feeding behavior, migration patterns, and family information.

Beautiful photographs
Beautiful photographs

Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America)


Pros & Cons


  • Contains over 1200 species of birds with 3600 stunning and vivid photos
  • Many birds are found in North and South America
  • Learn about the bird's habitat, feeding, migration patterns, and family information
  • Suitable for bird watchers
  • Interface can accommodate more than one screen at a time


  • Users can only search for species by the common name; users would enjoy being able to search by other parameters including location, color, etcetera, to help identify the bird

Bird info
Bird info

Final Words

Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America) is a quality app albeit lacking in the search functionality department. Hopefully the developers will make provisions for this in the next update. Regardless, this app is a winner in my books and should definitely be considered by all birders who are looking for a way to have a reference guide to birds on their iPhone or iPad.


Birds Pedia Vol3 (North & South America)

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