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Horse Wallpaper Lite app review



It’s hard not to love horses, with their beautiful build, smart swagger, and shiny locks. Horse Wallpaper Lite is an app that you can use to admire the beauty of these creatures anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.

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This app is full of stunning photos of horses that you can use to adorn your iPhone or iPad. You’ll find it located in the Utilities section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Let’s take a look at the contents of this app.

Varied Photos

Horse Wallpaper Lite takes up 50.3 MB of space on any iOS device, and comes with dozens of images to choose from. Image subjects are varied in that you will find horses of various ages, breeds, and sizes photographed in the app.

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Want a horse darting across a field? Or perhaps one that is standing still before a sunset? You will find all kinds of images here including close-ups, paintings, and drawings.

Unfortunately the app does have some minor stability issues that cause it to crash every once in a while.

Stunning photography
Stunning photography

Simple and Straightforward Saving

The interface of this app is simple and straightforward, and the developers have still managed to put in a nice flourishes here and there, such as the wooden theme on the options bar at the top of the screen.

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If you like an image, simply save it to your camera roll and use it as a wallpaper, just like you would a regular photograph.

What I appreciate most about this app is that despite its gratis nature, it doesn’t trick the user into downloading an app with promises of dozens of wallpapers, only to disappoint the user with just a handful of free wallpapers, while the others are “locked” and can only be made available through in-app purchases. All the wallpapers will be there for you to download and there are no limits to downloads either.

Majestic Wallpapers
Majestic Wallpapers

Pros & Cons


  • Contains dozens of stunning horse wallpapers
  • Horses are varied in age, species, and size
  • Save images to use as wallpapers
  • Free app that only takes up 50.3 MB of space
  • All wallpapers are included in the free download, unlike other such apps
  • Straightforward and simple interface


  • Stability issues cause the app to crash frequently

Thumbnail View
Thumbnail View

Final Words

Horse Wallpaper Lite is one of the best apps for horse lovers, so if you fancy yourself as one, then get this app on your iPhone or iPad and start decorating your iOS device with these stunning creatures.


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Neha Sinha

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