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iBiome-Wetland app review: learn about animal habitats



One of the most interesting things for kids to learn about is animals and it's not just the animals themselves but where they live that is so interesting. The iBiome-Wetland app for your iPad gives kids an engaging and interactive look at the wetland habitat and all the different animals that can be found in it. Users will actually be able to make their very own bio domes and then take part in interactive play as you learn how your bio dome works and how it responds.

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Build Your Own Bio Dome

In this new release you'll be able to build your very own bio dome with the help of your guide - Professor Bio. The iBiome-Wetland app is ideal for kids ages nine through 11 and takes a look at the wetland habitat and the variety of animals that live within in. There are three different habitats to learn about and interact with, which are the mangrove swamp, the salt water marsh, and the fresh water marsh. As you play you'll be able to unlock over 50 species that can be found in these habitats. They are from eight different categories of species: fish, mammals, crustacean, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and molluscus.

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Because this is a brand-new release it doesn't yet have an updates nor does it have a customer rating. You will however find that customers are already making comments about how educational the app is, how easy it is to use, and how fun it is for kids.

Build your own bio dome
Build your own bio dome

The Interactive Experience

Everything about the iBiome-Wetland app is interactive, engaging, educational, and of course fun. It's a great way for kids to really learn how species rely on each other as part of the biology of a bio dome. They do have a goal with the app and it's to make their bio dome flourish in the most optimum way possible. Kids are awarded badges along the way but there are no scores being kept. The app requires kids to learn, absorb the information, and then use their problem solving skills.

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Parents will love the fact that there are no in-app purchases and no ads, giving kids a safe place to learn and explore. The animations are hand-drawn and are meant to be very realistic and fun. The game controls are smooth and easy to understand making for a better customer experience. Parents may find that the younger age groups need a little help with the game but the older kids will be fine.

Earn rewards for playing
Earn rewards for playing



Pros and Cons


  • The app features beautiful hand-drawn animations
  • Kids will be able to build bio domes from scratch
  • There are three different habitats to explore
  • There are more than 50 species to unlock
  • There are no ads and in-app purchases


  • Kids will be wanting even more since this is such an engaging experience

iBiome-Wetland screenshot
iBiome-Wetland screenshot

Final Thoughts

The iBiome-Wetland app for your iPad gives kids a chance to learn about different wetland habitats in a user-friendly and engaging way.



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