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The Monster and the Cat app review



The Monster and the Cat - Living a Book is an iPad and iPhone book for kids that is a choose-your-own-adventure story. A nine-year-old girl named Abi wants a real pet, and you read through her options.

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The Monster and the Cat - Living a Book


A New Take on an Old Favorite

The Monster and the Cat is a new take on an old idea in that choose-your-own-adventure books have been around for a long time. This story, however, isn’t just a digitalization of one of those books; it is a new story brought to your device. This story is for readers able to read chapter books as there are no pictures, and no voice-overs. There is annoying background music that you can’t shut off, but you can turn down your volume to fix that.

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Every few pages, you are presented with a decision. Each decision asks you if you are sure that you want to choose that option before moving on. If you change your mind, this is the only time you can go back unless you restart the book. Similarly, if you go to the main menu, you will have to restart, but the app does warn you about this first.

Title page
Title page

Get Excited to Read Again

If you have a child who is not excited about reading, or struggles with reading, then The Monster and the Cat is a fun way to get them interested. Granted you may need to help the struggling reader by reading together, but there is nothing wrong with some quality time together! It is likely to get your child interested in reading again when it becomes a family event.

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I downloaded this app for my son who is 11, and is actually an avid reader. He very much enjoys stories with choose your own adventure. I’m trying to introduce him to ebooks, as this seems to be where the future is taking us. Currently he reads two to three chapter books a week, and this has been a treat for him to read.

Decision page example
Decision page example

The Monster and the Cat - Living a Book


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Choose-your-own-adventure is intriguing for kids
  • Aimed to kids eight to 11
  • Takes 10 to 30 minutes to read


  • Annoying background music can’t be turned off


Final Thoughts

The Monster and the Cat - Living a Book is an iPhone and iPad ebook with choose your own adventure fun. You follow young Abi as she tries to convince her parents to let her have a cat in the modern world, and help her to make good decisions. There are many different options throughout the story to choose. Overall, this is an interesting story for nine- to 11-year-olds, and encourages them to begin reading on an electronic device. You can opt to read this story aloud with your child, or let them start the adventure on their own. Either way, it’s a well-designed app.


The Monster and the Cat - Living a Book

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