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Dog 101 app review: Become your dog's best friend



We all love to say that dogs are our best friends, because not only are they loyal to us but they also can serve as a great emotional support. Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog! is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you return the favor by learning about your dog’s personality and character in order to better understand him or her.

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Packed with functions and games to make it highly accessible and entertaining at the same time, this app will serve you well in developing a stronger bond with your buddy.

Let’s take a look at its content and features.

Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog!


Learn About Over 100 Types Of Dogs

Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog! helps you understand canine behavior so you can better take care of your furry pet. This app was developed by dog lovers who endeavor to teach pet owners the importance of the behavior of dogs of various breeds.

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You’ll find information on more than 100 types of dogs such as their unique characteristics, both emotional and physical. Each of the entries is also accompanied by plenty of beautiful and cute photos totaling a whopping 600 dog images!

Learn about small dogs
Learn about small dogs

Accessibility & Social Media

Dogs can often serve as indispensable companions for the visually impaired, so keeping that in mind, the developers have also incorporated a function that lets users listen to the information in the app rather than reading it.

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Users can also use the listening feature in the background while they play one of the 110 puzzle and jigsaw games featuring dog images that are part of this awesome app.

If you find any interesting facts that you feel other dog owners might benefit from, you can take advantage of the social media integration that allows you to post up these facts to Facebook or Twitter.

Dog puzzles
Dog puzzles

Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog!


Pros & Cons


  • Helps you understand canine behavior so you can better take care of your furry pet
  • Developed by dog lovers
  • Cover over 100 types of dogs and their unique characteristics including physical and emotional
  • Listen to the app to learn while you're driving or otherwise visually engaged
  • Also contains 110 puzzle and jigsaw games with dog photos
  • Comes with 600 adorable photos of dogs that you can set as wallpaper or share
  • Links to Twitter and Facebook for easy sharing of interesting facts
  • Simple and intuitive interface


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

All about Dalmatians
All about Dalmatians

Final Words

Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog! is an adorable app that is sure to help you understand your doggy a little bit better and become a better guardian for him or her. This is one app that should be present on every dog owner’s iPhone or iPad.


Dog 101--Respect Life, Love Your Dog!

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