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Montessori Crosswords app review 2021



Who says you can't take a traditional game and use it for not just fun but educational purposes as well? The Montessori Crosswords app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone manages to do just that and doubles up as a crossword app for kids as it helps them with their spelling, writing, and reading skills.

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The educational crosswords app takes a really smart approach, understanding what it is that kids need in order to help them when it comes to reading and writing. In fact thanks to its ability to help with spelling and phonics it's actually being used in a number of schools. 

Let's dive deeper into this app through our Montessori Crosswords app review and see all that this kids crossword app has to offer. 

Montessori Crosswords for Kids


Solve the Puzzle and Broaden Your Vocabulary

The Montessori Crosswords app has a double whammy going for it because kids will love the challenge of trying to solve the puzzle and at the same time they'll be broadening their vocabulary.

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This app teaches kids all about spelling and phonics and is even used in a large number of classrooms in the country.

There are two main concepts with this app; the first is that it helps kids learn about how words sound and how the letter sounds make that word, which is phonemic awareness. The app also helps kids associate phonics with the actual letters in the alphabet.

In its last update there were all kinds of things added to the app included new sections, the ability to create a word, the app supports multiple users now, new settings, and so much more.

The app gets a solid four out of five stars from users who have commented on the usefulness of it, the ease-of-use, and of course the fun it offers.

Solve the Puzzle and Broaden Your Vocabulary image

Features of the Game

The Montessori Crosswords app stands out in a number of areas including the fact that multiple kids/users can play the game and then parents can check each individual child's progress report.

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This is a great way to zero in on where your child may still need some help as well as identify the areas in which he or she excels. Parents have the control to pick the words that are based on a sound category or difficulty level.

There are four levels in total, level one is the easiest and offers three-letter words making it ideal for those beginner readers. The remaining levels are more complex and allow kids to explore the 44 different sound categories.

As far as the user interface goes I feel like it has been well-designed but at the same time it could be a bit more engaging for kids. The app uses touch functionality which is child-friendly.

Features of the Game image

Montessori Crosswords for Kids


Pros and Cons


  • The game controls are child-friendly
  • The app can be played by kids on their own but may require parents’ help
  • Choose from a variety of difficulty levels
  • Parents have commented on very quick results from kids
  • Multiple users can be tracked with reports


  • The graphics and look of the app could be more engaging

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Montessori Crosswords app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can help your child where phonics and spelling are concerned. This one is child-friendly from start to finish and can really deliver some great results.

Montessori Crosswords for Kids

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