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MealGuru app review: get organized and eat healthy



Do you find you are throwing a lot of food out, you don't seem to be making healthy meal choices, and you never know what to cook? There's one convenient solution for all those problems and it's the MealGuru app for your iPad. This app will allow you to plan out your meals for a full week so that you can be sure you're making smart choices. You'll be able to view what groceries you need for a full week so nothing will go to waste, you won't come home from work confused about what to cook, and if you're trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure your whole week is balanced.

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MealGuru – Your Weekly Meal Plan with Easy & Healthy Food Recipes


Making Life Easier

Any tool that can make life easier is often welcome and the MealGuru app aims to do just that. Its goal is to take away the hassle of meal planning, save you money at the grocery store, and save you time in the actual kitchen. Each of your meals for an entire week can be planned out here whether you are just planning for yourself or a whole family. The app comes complete with a database of recipes you can use, there are 280 to choose from. You also have the option to add in your own recipes from a favorite website or by copy and paste. Recipes can be scaled to size and you have the option of adding a photo.

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The app has just gone through a bug fix so that is runs smoothly with iOS 8. It has a solid 3.5 out of five stars from users, which shows it's also got some room left for improvement. Users have made comments on it crashing, so hopefully this latest fix will remedy that.

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Planning Your Meals

Meal planning has been made streamlined and simple with the MealGuru app. As stated you can use one of the preloaded recipes in the database or add your own. You will be able to scale the recipe to size which is great if you're cooking for one person one night and then entertaining six the following night. There are integrated grocery lists so you can refer to the app while you're at the store. Items are categorized to make it easier for you. Recipes can also be shared by email. I enjoy the tips that accompany the recipes in the database and for parents there are even child-friendly recipes meant to please the kids.

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MealGuru – Your Weekly Meal Plan with Easy & Healthy Food Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • Plan out a week’s worth of meals in mere minutes
  • Use the recipes found in the app or add your own
  • The app is able to create a categorized grocery list for you
  • Recipes can be emailed
  • Recipes/meal items include a photo


  • There really aren’t many extra tools and features
  • The app had been crashing, which has hopefully been addressed for all users in the recent bug fix

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Final Thoughts

The MealGuru app for your iPad is meant to give users a way to plan out meals, stay organized, and save money at the grocery store. This one feels like a good solid effort that could just use some finishing touches.

MealGuru – Your Weekly Meal Plan with Easy & Healthy Food Recipes

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