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Disney Animated app review: a close look at Big Hero 6



If you're excited about the latest Disney animated feature that is soon to be released, Big Hero 6,  then this  cartoons app is a must-have. The Disney Animated app can be used on your iPad and takes an inside look at how the animated movie Big Hero 6 was made. The movie is set to be released on Nov. 7, 2014 and is Disney's 54th animated movie installment. Even if you don't know much about the movie, here's a chance to familiarize yourself with it and kids will also love the learning experience. 

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Disney Animated


The Story Behind the Movie

Although the Disney Animated app isn't a brand-new release it's obviously much more interesting now that the movie is almost set to open. The app takes a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration of the characters in Big Hero 6 and the artwork that was used for the movie. You'll get to view the movie posters, character sketches, and even the concept art. It’s a cool way to look at what’s involved in making these animated movies, how long the process is, all the steps involved, and how the finished look is achieved.

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The app has just recently been updated so it now supports iOS 8. There were also some bug fixes made at that time. The app scores very high with users getting 4.5 out of five stars from them. Users are enjoying the app so much that their only complaint is that they'd like even more content to explore and experiment with.

The Story Behind the Movie image

An Artistic Experience

The Disney Animated app gives users a truly artistic experience that is as professional as it is interesting. The app has been created by designers, technicians, artists, and some of the top animators to provide users with a complete picture. The app is more than just a look at the Big Hero 6 movie, however, as you can also check out the timeline of all the Disney animated films, there are multi-layer animated clips, interactive images, 3D character models, and you can even work through a visual effects simulation.

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When it comes to Disney we can't help but expect perfection and this app really doesn't disappoint. Users are treated to a very sleek and professional user interface, plenty of content, stunning graphics/animations to explore, and really the complete Disney experience. It’s such an interesting way for adults and kids to learn about the work involved in these fan-favorite films.

An Artistic Experience image

Disney Animated


Pros and Cons


  • The app is beautifully designed
  • Learn about how Disney’s animated features are created
  • View a timeline of all Disney’s animated movies
  • Check out 3D character models, interactive images, concept art, character sketches, and more


  • The app feels pricey but you are getting quite a bit of content

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Final Thoughts

The Disney Animated app can be used on your iPad to take an inside look at the world of Disney and how they go about making these much-love animated films. It is so well-designed and put-together giving users a wonderful experience.

Disney Animated

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