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Mudbuddy app review



Mudbuddy is an interactive story book for iPhone and iPad. Mudbuddy is a cute and relatable character that tries to fit in to make himself happy, but throughout the story he learns just how special he is being himself.

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The Opening is Great

I love this opening! As you click each fragment, you get closer and closer to Mudbuddy. You then learn about him, how he loves his yard, the birds, the blue sky, but also how he wishes he was as colorful as the other things around him. He sees the flowers, the grass, how the birds fly, and is sad. He then tries to copy each of these, but he can’t because he’s Mudbuddy. He's too heavy to fly, too brown to be colorful, and has no vocal cords to sing beautiful songs.

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When Mudbuddy meets a rock, an object that can’t move, or do any of the cool stuff Mudbuddy can, he realizes that he is special. He helps all of the plants grow! This story isn’t just about an inanimate creature of mud, it is about children learning how to recognize their special features too. Maybe you can’t read yet, but you can do cartwheels. Maybe you have a lot of trouble running, but you are able to sing beautiful songs. There is always something special about everyone, and this story helps kids self-esteem by helping them to see this.

Opening sequence
Opening sequence

Learn How Important You Are

My kids have each opened this book, and my toddler who loves playing in the mud and has recently developed a fascination with space loves that you go from outer-space looking at earth down, down, down until you are in your backyard, by a tree. Every kid, no matter how awesome, has problems with fitting in with some aspect of their life. They also have trouble getting past the things that make them different until they learn to embrace it. This story isn’t going to solve this overnight, but it will make them smile and help.

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Page 2 at first
Page 2 at first



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great story
  • Interactive pages
  • Teaches that everyone is special in some way


  • None found

Interactive parts engaged
Interactive parts engaged

Final Thoughts

Mudbuddy is an iPhone and iPad storybook to help boost your child’s self-esteem through teaching them that everyone is special in some way. It took a rock: an unmoving, non-growing object to get Mudbuddy to see just how special he was, but soon he was happy and able to embrace his differences and abilities. Each child goes through this, and each child has sad times and happy times while growing. As long as we can nurture their abilities they will go on to great things. Mudbuddy is a great story to help with this, and I have had fun reading it with each of my children ages two, six, and 11.



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