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Tiny Picture Book app review



Tiny Picture Book is an iPad and iPhone learning app that immerses toddlers in familiar environments and teaches them the names of the objects in 20 different languages. The app comes with British English, and from there you purchase additional languages.

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Learn Vocabulary by Hearing Common Words

In the bedroom scene of Tiny Picture Book, your child can tap on the window, a variety of toys, the bed, and so on. Each word is presented in British English, so your child can learn what the objects are in his or her native tongue. When your child is ready to begin learning additional languages, you can purchase them to have them start learning more vocabulary.

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Children learn through doing, and one of the first parts of language to be learned is speaking. This happens long before children learn to read or write, so this app does things in a logical sequence. School classes that teach languages while writing rather than speaking don’t reinforce the same way.

Main menu
Main menu

Lots of Environments

Tiny Picture Book has 10 different scenes: bedroom, sandbox, living room, kitchen, backyard, laundry room, winter yard, bathroom, underwater, and street. These scenes cover almost any object in any situation that you could need to discuss with someone while in a country where you don’t speak the language. If for example, you need to ask for a toothbrush because you forgot yours on your trip, you will be able to do that after going through the bathroom scene.

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Little kids learn languages like sponges, and this app will help with that. I love that it is so user friendly. My two-year-old daughter loves tap and react games, and she has had a blast with this one. I plan on getting her the French add-on soon because in Canada, French is the second official language.

Bedroom with options menu
Bedroom with options menu

Pros & Cons


  • Free plus add-ons
  • 10 great environments
  • 20 languages to learn


  • Unlocking the environments costs $0.99
  • Unlocking individual languages is $0.99, but you can get them all for $2.99

Additional languages
Additional languages

Final Thoughts

Tiny Picture Books is an educational app for iPhone and iPad that helps children learn vocabulary in 20 different languages through 10 scenes. If you are in a multicultural city, then this is a great way to teach them how to communicate with their peers, or their friend’s parents. In our neighborhood there are many different languages, and often times my children are left trying to gesture to what they mean. Once I unlock the language packs, my kids will be able to learn a huge range of vocabulary using this fantastic educational app. Overall, this app is well-designed, easy to use, and keeps kids interested so that they learn.


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