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Turn-right app review: a simple yet challenging game



Are you spatially challenged and always confuse left from right? Turn-right is a quirky little game for your iPhone or iPad in which you only turn right.

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This game is a little reminiscent of the classic “snake” games. Rather than an extending snake, however, you are a red square and you must grab all the golden squares in order to get points.

The catch is that you can only turn right.



Collect Gold Squares

Turn-right will download in an instant as it only constitutes of 8.9 MB of data, so you can begin playing immediately by tapping the big pulsating Play button on the main menu. Tap to start and tap each time you want the square to turn right. That’s all there is to the controls!

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Your square will get increasingly faster as you progress through the game, to make it more challenging and keep things interesting. Furthermore, you will also find grey squares appearing which you must avoid at all costs!

You’ll quickly find out that this app has some really unpleasant sound effects both when you crash into the walls as well as when you collect coins.

Themes and Leaderboards

If you happen to touch the edges or the grey squares, you will lose the game. There are no second chances here! You will have to go back to… “square” one.

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Other features of this app include Game Center integration and the ability to view some interesting statistics regarding the game. These include not only the number of medals and your own top score, but also the number of times you’ve played the game, total coins you’ve collected, and the total right turns you’ve made!

This game is pretty simple so if you find yourself getting a little weary of looking at it, you can try out one of the other three themes which are red neon, blue neon, and green neon.



Pros & Cons


  • Turn right by tapping
  • Challenge yourself as the square moves progressively faster
  • Avoid the grey squares
  • Choose from four themes: original, red neon, blue neon, and green neon


  • This app is great when played in silent mode, which is how I keep my iPhone most of the time anyway, but the sound effects are rather unpleasant and could use a little sprucing up!

Final Words

Turn-right is a great app for users looking for something to pass the time as they wait in line, or simply wish to procrastinate from work. Its gameplay with engage you and keep you entertained, but my only suggestion would be to put your iPhone or iPad on silent mode before you begin.



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