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+Cue app review: a music-sequencing tool for musicians



+Cue - Shake Music Sequencer is a unique app for the iPhone and iPad which will enable beginners as well as the enthusiastic composer to create wonderful tunes, whether you know how to play an instrument, or not.

This app leverages the awesome iOS features that lets users create some lovely melodies by simply shaking their device. You'll find this app in the Music section of the App Store where it can be purchased for a mere 99 cents. This app brings an ad-free experience so the price of the app is fair, and the ad-free nature really elevates the stunning look and feel of this app.

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Cue - Shake Music Sequencer


Create Original Music

+Cue - Shake Music Sequencer only takes up 4.3 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad, so it will download in just a few moments. Launch this app and begin creating your next, or first, masterpiece!

When you launch this app, it'll take you through a tutorial which will show you just how simple it is to start creating original music.

Users can play up to four types of instruments. The quintessential drums and base serve as the first two, and the other two can be chosen so you could throw on, say, a piano and saxophone for rhythm and melodies.

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Simple and elegant user interface
Simple and elegant user interface

Functions & Features

Each time you shake your iDevice and tap the “+” button, a new instrument will be added to it, so you'll start of with a beat, drop the bass, then add on the rhythm, and finally the melody can kick in. The melody is produces by the direction in which you're shaking your phone, so even if you shake it randomly, it can turn out to be a really lovely tune.

If you are not too happy with, or wish to change the tone of any instrument to move the music in a new direction, you can do so by tapping on the instrument at the top of the screen. The four instruments will be displayed in icons and you can simply swipe to shift the tone.

There are some sharing functions too which enable users to play the tone over multiple devices but I didn't test this function out. Evidently, there is no limit to the number of times you can share a tune, so it could turn out to be quite the party!

Another cool feature is that the screen of your iOS device will flash along with the beat you've chosen, and you can even set up the flashlight on your iDevice to flash at the same time!

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Shake your phone to set the tone
Shake your phone to set the tone

Cue - Shake Music Sequencer


Pros & Cons


  • Compose music by simply shaking your device
  • Suitable for beginners as well as professionals to tinker with
  • Play four types of instruments including drums, bass, and two other instruments
  • Share your tunes with an unlimited number of people
  • Screen as well as the LED will flash in time with the beat


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Comprehensive in-app tutorial
Comprehensive in-app tutorial

Final Words

+Cue - Shake Music Sequencer is one of the coolest apps out there that can enable you to make some melodic music on your own, or liven up any party with some cool and funky features. A must-have on the iPhones and iPads of anyone who is musically inclined.


Cue - Shake Music Sequencer

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