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MadNotes app review: minimalist and gesture-based notepad



If you often find your thoughts running away from you by the time you get to jotting them down, then MadNotes is an iPhone and iPad app worth checking out.

What we have here is an app with a very easy-to-use interface and highly intuitive, gesture-based functions that allow users to take notes quickly and easily, and have them organized neatly in a list format.

This app can be found in the Productivity section of the App Store for free and it only takes up a megabyte of space.

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Easy Note-Taking

MadNotes has clearly been developed with great care and attention to detail so that users can have a simple and straightforward experience which only entails jotting down notes; the app takes care of the rest.

When you it up, you will be taken to a few pre-made notes that will provide you with cues on how to use this app. To create a new note, all you need to do is swipe and pull down. Enter your thoughts, reminders, or anything else you might want to jot down.

Have you ever been annoyed by how the cursor always jumps to the wrong place when you're typing? You won't have that problem anymore as you can swipe left or right to move the cursor to the exact place you want. Write, edit, and then tap Done.

Your new note will appear at the top of the list.

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Create a new note
Create a new note

Gesture-Based Controls

To organize the list of notes, there are a number of gesture-based functions such as swiping left to remove notes from the list, and right to move the note to the top of the list. Tap and hold down any entry to change its color. There are two colors available, aqua blue and red.

Finally, if you wish to share a note then you can do so by pinching the screen. Select the notes you want to share by tapping and then share it to Facebook or Twitter, email it, or copy to your clipboard.

The app will also use the sunrise and sunset hours to change up the interface, adjusting the theme so that it's easy on your eyes.

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Gesture-based functions
Gesture-based functions



Pros & Cons


  • Very easy-to-use interface with intuitive functions and a tutorial to boot
  • Highlight your notes by tapping and holding it down
  • Create a new note by swiping and pulling down
  • Swipe right or left while you are in editing mode to move the cursor
  • Other gesture-based functions
  • Share a note to Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Clipboard capabilities


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Share notes
Share notes

Final Words

MadNotes is a fantastic app that will make note-taking really simple and, I daresay, even enjoyable! This app will now remain on the first page of my iPhone as well as iPad. Highly recommended!



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