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Euclidea app review: a geometric puzzler


UPDATE 12 October 2016: Unfortunately, this app is currently unavailable in the iTunes store. However, if you are looking for some fun, educational Math Game alternatives then check out our fantastic list of the best iPad apps for Math Games


How are you when it comes to geometry? If you think you've got math skills worth bragging about then you may want to check out the Euclidea app for your iPad. In this app you'll be making all kinds of geometric figures, but wait there's a catch: you need to make them using just a straight edge and a compass. It’s time to get creative and really think through the process. There are 36 different challenges in total and just to make things a little tougher, they increase in difficulty as you play.

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Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game with Compass and Straightedge


Test Your Brain

In the Euclidea app you will be working to create a variety of geometric figures all with the help of only a straight edge and a compass. As mentioned you've got 36 different challenges which increase in difficulty as you play. Each challenge will require you to first think through the process and really give each of your moves plenty of consideration. You'll notice that your compass will collapse when you lift it off the page and the straight edge doesn't contain any measurement marks.

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This app has just recently been updated with a few minor bug fixes, there were two additional challenges added, a tutorial has been included, and there are game field helpers. The app is free to play but does contain ads, which can be removed for $2.99. The app has a perfect five star rating from users who clearly love the challenge it offers.

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Game Features

Taking a closer look at some of the game features in the Euclidea app there are 10 tools to use, automated verification of the puzzle solutions, and the app can be played by anyone including students that are studying geometry. The game has been shown to help with imagination, intuition, and logic, all wonderful skills to develop. The three operations that you can do in the game are the ability to connect two points with a straight line, plot a point, and draw a circle that passes through a point and around the center. As you advance through the challenges you'll get new tools that help you work your way through the problems.

What's cool is that this is an interactive way of using geometry so you can go back and move points, move a line, change the way they are connected, and more. What's also cool is that each challenge that you are given has a number of possible solutions but you need to find the solution that has the fewest moves possible.

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Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game with Compass and Straightedge


Pros and Cons


  • The game has a strong educational aspect to it making it great for geometry students
  • The game controls are easy to understand and use
  • The graphics are clean and smooth
  • The game offers plenty of challenge


  • This game is actually pretty difficult and some may find it frustrating

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Final Words

The Euclidea app can be used on your iPad as a way to brush up on your geometry skills. The game is a really simple concept that has been well-executed and offers a real challenge to users.

Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game with Compass and Straightedge

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