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Sticker Story app review: give kids the ability to be creative



If you're tired of dealing with a child who is bored and acting out then it's time to give him or her something productive to do. The Sticker Story app can be used on your iPad and provides kids with an entire creativity kit. The kit gives kids a variety of backgrounds, letters, and stickers for them to play with and build a story. Their story can be as brief as one page or contain multiple pages, giving plenty of opportunities to let their imagination flourish.

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Sticker Story - The storybook creator for kids


Open Up Their Imagination

Here's the perfect way to really encourage your children's imagination and allow for some creative juices to flow. The Sticker Story app provides them with plenty of items that include letters, stickers, and backgrounds. They can use all these elements however they like to create that perfect story. What's really fun is that when they finish their story they can export it to iBooks, which gives parents a chance to share it with family like Grandma and Grandpa who will love to see what their little ones have been up to. The app features over 400 different backgrounds and stickers to have fun with.

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Sticker Story has just recently been updated so kids can now enjoy a preview video. It's ideal for kids ages six through eight but younger ones can still have fun with it; they may just require help from an adult. The app doesn't have a customer rating at this point but comments have been glowing.

Kids will choose the story they want to tell
Kids will choose the story they want to tell

Building a Story

The story-building experience with the Sticker Story app is really whatever your child chooses it to be. Users are given total creative freedom here. You'll find that the stickers are available in different themes such as Amazing Superheroes, Kids Life, Medieval Life, and Spooky Halloween. The developer has plans to introduce additional sticker packs such as a fairy tale theme and winter theme. All of the sticker packs are organized into categories, which are letters, persons, backgrounds, and objects.

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I can see that this one would be a real hit with kids as it appeals to them on so many levels. I also like that the stickers are in theme packs, as it makes it easier for kids to find what they're looking for and build a story that makes sense and feels coherent and fluid. Of course being able to share their books when they finish is the crowning glory.

There are more than 400 fun stickers to use
There are more than 400 fun stickers to use

Sticker Story - The storybook creator for kids


Pros and Cons


  • The app provides kids with a huge selection of stickers in a variety of themes and categories
  • Kids can use the stickers to build a creative and personalized story
  • Books can be saved and shared
  • The app is kid-friendly when it comes to the controls


  • Kids will definitely end up wanting more stickers because the experience is so fun

Final Thoughts

The Sticker Story app for your iPad is a wonderful creative outlet for your kids to use, allowing them to put together their own picture books with ease.

Sticker Story - The storybook creator for kids

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