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TuneTime Interval Timer app review: a go-to interval timer tool 2021



It seems that interval training is all the rage nowadays and with that said people are always on the hunt for tools that can help with their training. The TuneTime Interval Timer for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a timer app that offers you just that by giving you a musical interval timer to use during your workouts.

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The interviarl timer tool for iPhone even offers Health integration so that after you do a workout you can see exactly how many calories you just burned.

This good interval timer app for iPhone is absolutely packed full of cool features and tools all designed to help you with working out. Learn more about these tools and features by continuing to read this Interval Timer app review. 

TuneTime Interval Timer for HIIT, Tabata, 7 Minute Workout, & Boxing Hour


Why Use the App

The TuneTime Interval Timer app has been created to seamlessly integrate with Tabata, HIIT, RunKeeper, and 7 Minute Workout & Crossfit Hour.

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The app is filled with all kinds of user-friendly tools and is displayed as full-screen. To make this offering even more convenient it will run in the background.

You'll find a selection of customized interval programs that make it possible to do any training activity you want. As for the music it plays, it takes songs right from your own library and shuffles the music, which means you're never going to feel bored with the same mix being played.

The app is free to use but does feature a number of in-app purchases of workouts. These are priced from $0.99 to $3.99.

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Features and Tools

This app features a collection of user-friendly tools and features to make use of including the fact you can use sounds for each of your interval countdowns. Use the sound for the five-second warning, the spoken down count, and the end of the interval.

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This keeps things really clear for you. The display on the screen features the elapsed time as a graph, the intervals down/to go, the elapsed session time, and even some album art.

You can share your training to Facebook and Twitter so you can feel proud of your accomplishments. Additionally, you can use the app with Airplay Mirroring to send it right to your TV.

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TuneTime Interval Timer for HIIT, Tabata, 7 Minute Workout, & Boxing Hour


Pros and Cons


  • The app is versatile and user-friendly
  • There are just the right amount of features and tools
  • You can use your own music in the background
  • There are various elements you can count
  • The app integrates with a number of other popular apps


  • There are quite a few in-app purchases

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Final Thoughts

The TuneTime Interval Timer app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a simple way to countdown during interval training. You’re given a nice selection of user-friendly tools to help you out.

TuneTime Interval Timer for HIIT, Tabata, 7 Minute Workout, & Boxing Hour

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