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Fancy Tips app review: worldwide tip advice



There's a good chance you're familiar with when and how much to tip in your own country but what happens when you are traveling? The Fancy Tips app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as travel tool that gives you information on tipping around the world. This is a tip guide that supports 240 regions and countries to make sure you always act appropriately when it comes to tipping. There are even some tipping tools and features to make the app all the more useful.

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Fancy Tips - Your Ultimate Tipping Guide & Calculator Around the World! Tipping Made Easy!


No Need to Guess

With the Fancy Tips app there is no need to make guesses when it comes to tipping and it can save you from some rather embarrassing situations by either not tipping or tipping an inappropriate amount. The app supports tipping in 240 regions and countries and is able to automatically detect your location. The way the app works is that it calculates the tip amount based on the total of the bill. You don’t even have to figure out the percentage or dollar amount, the app does all the math for you. It is meant to help you with service-based tipping so things like a waiter, a taxi driver, a hairstylist, etc.

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The app has just recently been updated with some minor bug fixes giving users a smoother and more stable experience. There is no customer rating or customer comments at this point. The app requires iOS 7.1 or higher to use. While you can use it for free there is content that is locked. You can unlock the full app for $1.99.

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A Variety of Tools

Not only is the Fancy Tools app very user-friendly and quick to use, it's also filled with some cool features. If you happen to be out with other people and you want to split your bill it is able to divide the tip and bill total between the specified amount of people. Other features include being able to exclude the sales tax from the tip calculation, the ability to round the tip to a whole number, and you just shake your device in order to start over.

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The user interface has been kept very clean and basic so that you can use the app with ease. Calculations are done instantly and you can even read tipping advice about the country you are visiting. There are a few customization tools you may want to adjust to make the experience more personalized to your needs.

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Fancy Tips - Your Ultimate Tipping Guide & Calculator Around the World! Tipping Made Easy!


Pros and Cons


  • A clean and uncluttered user interface
  • The app is able to recognize what country you are in
  • Read tipping advice for the country you’re in
  • Do instant tip calculations based on that particular country
  • The app allows you to divide up the bill and tip total if a few people are chipping in


  • There is nothing negative to say

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Final Thoughts

The Fancy Tips app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is an incredibly handy travel tool that is user-friendly and informative.

Fancy Tips - Your Ultimate Tipping Guide & Calculator Around the World! Tipping Made Easy!

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