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YouRhythm app review: enhance your understanding of rhythm



While most people have an appreciation for music at least in a few genres we don't often sit around and actually analyze it and think about the rhythm itself. The YouRhythm app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will give you a better understanding of music by teaching you how to read it and understand its rhythm and changes. It really takes music to a different level and is ideal for those with a love of music and those who are studying music.

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YouRhythm — Catch the Rhythm on the Fly


All Levels are Welcome

With the YouRhythm app all levels of music lovers and musicians are welcome from beginners to those who have been studying music for years. The app has a goal of helping users to learn and then train the rhythm. All of the settings in the app are customizable to give you a personalized approach. There are presets offered and a user guide that goes into plenty of detail and walks you through the app. There are all kinds of tools and features meant to make the process smooth and user-friendly as well as engaging.

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The app is a brand new release and currently doesn't have any customer ratings or comments. Keep in mind it supports a number of languages which makes it all the more versatile.

Learn about rhythm
Learn about rhythm

Using the App

As discussed you've got plenty of customization features here and there are 20 difficulty levels that you can experiment with. You can combine the rhythm figures to make one beat (triplets, duple time, triple time, and irregular meters) and there are 86 of these figures available in the app. The app features automatic changes every one to four loops or random changes. There are time-signatures as well that range from two to 11 beats. Additional tools you'll find in the app are independent volume, adjustable tempo, a variety of pulse modes that are able to subdivide the beats, and more. All of these tools are capped off by a well laid-out and uncluttered user interface that makes the experience that much better.

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I do find the app takes some practice and getting used to. A great place to start is with the tutorial that takes you through the basic features and functions of the app. Granted it’s still going to take some practicing but at least it’s a great kick-off point. The YouRhythm app is best suited to older kids and adults.

Make use of the handy tutorial
Make use of the handy tutorial

YouRhythm — Catch the Rhythm on the Fly


Pros and Cons


  • The app has a clean and uncluttered user interface
  • Take advantage of the tutorial that walks you through the basics
  • Gameplay is challenging
  • The app can really enhance how you look and listen to music


  • There is definitely a learning curve involved with this one as you try to get used to it

YouRhythm screenshot
YouRhythm screenshot

Final Thoughts

The YouRhythm app is one that is challenging, engaging, and can be quite educational. This is a great example of practice makes perfect cause you’ll need plenty of practicing in order to get a strong grasp of the content.


YouRhythm — Catch the Rhythm on the Fly

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