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Dino-Store app review: a fun story book for your child



Dino-Store is an ebook for iPad and iPhone that is designed for young kids. It goes through a story of a father and boy shopping. They go to the store to pick up a few items, and the boy wants the big eggs. That is where the adventure begins!

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Read a Story to Your Child

Dino-Store is an ebook with the option to have it read to your child, or you get to read a story to your child. The book does not underline or highlight the text as the story is read, but the narrator does do a good job of reading with inflection to keep your child interested.

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Each page has several interactive pieces on the page, such as the car changing color, the storm starting, the eggs opening, or the dinosaurs dancing. When you create an ebook, you have to put in interactive portions, or there really is no point in making it an ebook! The creator did a good job of balancing this, as the actions must be initiated rather than occurring simultaneously causing distraction.

Driving to the store
Driving to the store

A Fum, Imaginative Story

When you read the premise of Dino-Store, it initially sounds like any other dinosaur appears in modern day story. The author tells a good tale though, so that your child is intrigued with the story. First you go grocery shopping, then you go through getting your items, and come to the eggs. There are so many to choose from! Of course the child chooses the biggest, and then they hatch in the trunk! I love how the story progresses, because it is just what the adult would expect, and thus a natural occurrence. Add heat to eggs, and they hatch. Add 12 dinosaurs to dinner, and they eat all the food!

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Any kid who has an interest in dinosaurs can imagine the “what if” of bringing home a dinosaur. The story reminds me of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, because he has a whole bucket of dinosaur friends, and the boy in the family gets a whole egg carton!

Now it's rainy
Now it's rainy



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Boosts your child’s self-esteem through reading
  • Shows that regular every day activities with the crazy dinosaurs taking part
  • Page turning is easy
  • Great animation with fun interactive parts


  • No highlighting of the words as they are read

Getting the large eggs
Getting the large eggs

Final Thoughts

Dino-Store is an animated and interactive ebook for kids to read on the iPhone or iPad. There are several interactive parts on each page, and I enjoyed the diversity. From the sunny day turning stormy, to opening the trunk to find the dinosaurs, the pages just keep getting more and more interesting. The tale is one that any kid interested in dinosaurs could imagine, because we all wonder what if! Overall, the story is well put together, and I would recommend it for any imaginative kid who loves dinosaurs.



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