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Pets911 by APOA Inc, app review: keep your pets safe



Pets911 by APOA Inc, is an app that lets you take your pet's medical information with you wherever you go, on the highly accessible interface of the iPhone or iPad, while also connecting you with other pet owners and reuniting lost pets with their owners.

This app can be found in the Lifestyle section of the App Store where it is available completely free of charge, so there are no excuses not to have this app on your iOS device! It will also only take up a mere 7.2 MB of space. Let's see what it can pack into this tiny little package.

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Pet Profiles

Pets911 by APOA Inc, will allow you to keep your pet's important medical info at hand by storing it on this app. You can create a profile for your pet, or for multiple pets, and key in their medical, social, dietary, training, and other information. These stats can be updated anytime, anywhere. Got a booster shot for your puppy? Update the records while you're still at the vet's!

What's more is that you can put your pet's tag on the app and link it with your furry buddy's profile. If your best friend happens to go missing, and someone happens to find him or her, they can simply scan the tag and find you, while knowing the medical and other information about your buddy.

Rather than having your address or contact details displayed to the “scanning” party, you can alternatively put down your vet, pet sitter, or anyone else as the contact.

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Main interface
Main interface

Silver Subscription

This app has a thriving online community, so once you're a member, you can get in touch with other members of Pets911 via chats, messages, and more. When you create a pet profile, you will be placed in the Silver Subscription list of this app.

This app also features a 24/7 pet hotline where you can report any found pets. A map view of lost and found pets is also available, and it's sure to put a smile on your face as you think about all the previous moments where pets are reunited with their families.

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Pet Protection
Pet Protection

Pros & Cons


  • Keep your pet's important medical info at hand by storing it on this app
  • Enter medical, social, dietary, training, and other information
  • Enter info for multiple pets and update each one easily
  • Get in touch with other members of Pets911 via chats, messages, and more
  • Put your pet's tag into the app so that if someone else scans it, they can contact you
  • Automatic subscription
  • 24/7 pet hotline to report found pets
  • Get the rundown on lost and found pets on a map view


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Enter your pet's details
Enter your pet's details

Final Words

Pets911 by APOA Inc, is a must-have app for any responsible pet owner. Not only will you have your pet's medical information available on your iPhone or iPad, wherever you go, but it could also potentially help you reunite lost pets with their owners!


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