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Word Fill app review: fill in the word



Here's a way to brush up on your vocabulary skills and show off just how well you spell. The Word Fill game for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a highly addictive word puzzle game that requires you to fill in the game board/grid. This isn't like a crossword puzzle, dial that challenge and frustration way back and then you'll get an idea of what this game has to offer. In this game you will be able to view all the available words and your job is to simply fill in the grid entries correctly.

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Word Fill - Fill in puzzles


No Guesswork Needed

Unlike many word puzzle games this one takes away the guessing and the frustration and actually provides you with a list of words you can use. With Word Fill the challenge lies in being able to take those words and then fit them on the grid in the correct way. You'll need to check the crossings before you add in a word on each and every turn. You may find yourself doing quite a bit of shuffling as you try to get it just right. The app supports a few different languages and the game grids are dynamic which means they will never be the same.

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There is one in-app purchase available priced at $1.99 and this unlocks the number grids. The app scores very high, getting 4.5 out of five stars from users. Users have commented on how addictive it is, how challenging the puzzles are, and the fact it really expands your vocabulary. In its most recent update, which was a year ago, the app was made compatible with iOS 7.

The app provides you with a list of words to then fill in
The app provides you with a list of words to then fill in

Gaming Features

The Word Fill app is a universal one so you'll be able to enjoy it on all your mobile devices. There are 16 language dictionaries and the grids range from incredibly long games to short and sweet ones. The app uses touch functionality, takes full advantage of the screen making the game board large, and you can play it offline after the initial download of the app and the dictionaries.

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Use the navigation bar along the bottom of the screen to move through the games with ease. You can always quit a game if it's feeling too tough or you just lose interest in it. I love how you get the chance to play a true puzzle game but it doesn’t have that same level of frustration that so many others do.

A small handful of customization tools
A small handful of customization tools

Word Fill - Fill in puzzles


Pros and Cons


  • The app supports a few different languages
  • There are a variety of language dictionaries
  • The app uses touch functionality
  • This is great for casual gaming
  • The app takes away the frustration that so often goes along with word games


  • Some of the content requires in-app purchases
  • There haven’t been any updates in a year now

Word Fill screenshot
Word Fill screenshot

Final Words

The Word Fill app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the perfect way to expand your vocabulary while having fun. This is a creative twist on your rather predictable word puzzle games making this one feel engaging and fun.


Word Fill - Fill in puzzles

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