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madow sheep happens app review: test your sheep herding skills



Now here's something you probably don't think about everyday: just how good are your sheep herding skills? They will be put to the test in the madow sheep happens app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This is a very easy-to-understand game that is completely chaotic, challenging, and hilarious above all else. It’s one of those games you pick up thinking you’ll play it for a few minutes only to find yourself completely consumed and unable to put it down.

madow | sheep happens


A Fast-Paced and Chaotic Experience

The developer of madow sheep happens jokes the app isn't for those with a pacemaker or who are pregnant and even though it's pretty funny at the same time it's understandable why they'd make the joke. This game is pure fast-paced and chaotic action right form the get go. If you find the music a little too distracting you can always use your own music from your device instead. The app supports Game Center, Leaderboards, and you can challenge your friends to see who has the highest score.

As a nice little treat this app is completely free to play and is ideal for those aged nine and older. This is a brand-new release so with that said there aren't any updates as of yet. The game however already has a perfect five star rating from users and customer comments are nothing but complimentary.

Game play that is simple and addictive
Game play that is simple and addictive

One-Touch Gameplay

The game controls in the madow sheep happens app couldn't possibly be smoother or easier. It features one-touch control so that you aren't having to fuss with multiple buttons. There is no learning curve needed; it's clear right from the start what you need to do and how you need to go about it. The way it works is that you have to help the sheep down the hillside by opening and closing a series of bridges. It starts out very simply because only a few sheep are coming down the hill. This changes really fast though and suddenly there are multiple sheep working their way down the hill at various points and you need to quickly figure out what gates to open/close and when so that none of them fall into the hole.

The graphics and music are pretty basic but this isn’t a negative at all; in fact, it helps to add to the overall cute and fun factor of the game.

The game starts out slow and gets challenging fast
The game starts out slow and gets challenging fast

madow | sheep happens


Pros and Cons


  • The game is very easy to understand
  • This is a game that tests your reflexes and logic
  • The game uses one-touch control
  • The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards


  • It gets rather challenging rather fast

Global high score
Global high score

Final Thoughts

The madow sheep happens app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the type of app that will have you saying “just one more game” over and over as you constantly try to better your high score. It’s pure simplicity works very well and the end result is polished, fun, and challenging.


madow | sheep happens

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