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Labo Train app review: kids can build their own train



If you have a young child with an interest in trains here's the perfect app for them which encourages that passion. The Labo Train app can be used on your iPad and gives kids a chance to build, decorate, and then even drive their very own train that they made. They will also be fixing the tracks along the way so that they train can make its way to its final stop. The app has been created for kids age three to seven and have plenty of cool features built into it.

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Labo Train - A creative draw & play road construction game for kids 3-7


Build, Repair, and Drive

The Labo Train app combines a few really fun aspects into one app: kids will be able to build, decorate, and drive their own train as well as figure out how to fix the tracks and clear the way so the train can make it through. Their train will actually be delivering apples and the road is rather bumpy, which could result in losing some apples. This is when they'll need to take a look at the rocks and wood that can be used to fix the broken tracks and ensure a smooth ride.

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Because this is a relatively new release it doesn't yet have any updates or a customer rating. It does however have some customer comments where parents have pointed out how great the game is for fostering creativity, how fun it is, and the fact it's easy for kids to use.

A creative and fun experience for kids
A creative and fun experience for kids

Features of the Game

The Labo Train app contains all kinds of features and tools that make it possible for kids to be really creative. They can create trains by using the templates as they draw and then color them in, or they can just make their own train freehand. There are 46 different train templates to use and kids have a selection of 14 colors, which means they can really let their imagination run wild. When it comes to decorating their train there are 20 stickers and 15 different tires that will give their train a unique look. They can save as many trains to the garage as they like so that they don’t lose any of their hard work.

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The other aspect of the game is driving the train and sometimes this is on a broken road. There are more than 40 sections of the road that are broken and kids will need to fix each section in order to make it through. This part of the game is great for their problem-solving skills.

There are a variety of stickers and wheels to choose from
There are a variety of stickers and wheels to choose from

Labo Train - A creative draw & play road construction game for kids 3-7


Pros and Cons


  • The app encourages creativity and problem-solving skills
  • There are plenty of ways to decorate their train and make it look unique
  • Kids can save an unlimited amount of decorated trains to the garage
  • Kids will need to fix the road using rocks and sticks


  • It would be nice to see even more decorating tools offered and even more challenges to fix

Labo Train screenshot
Labo Train screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Labo Train app for your iPad is one that manages to catch the attention of young children thanks to its child-friendly controls, fun graphics, and easy-to-understand concept.


Labo Train - A creative draw & play road construction game for kids 3-7

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