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Let's Fold app review: Origami made into a puzzle



We all know what's involved in solving a puzzle and most people are familiar with Origami so what would happen if you were to combine them? The Let's Fold app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an Origami puzzle game where you will making all kinds of fun objects. The game offers a few different themes and more than 50 different characters. This is your chance to become a master where Origami is concerned and then brag about it to all your friends.

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Let's Fold - Origami puzzle game


Origami Without the Mess

Who says you need paper to enjoy a puzzling Origami game. The Let's Fold app gives users a chance to create more than 50 very cool and different characters through seven different themes. Because there's no need for paper the process couldn't be simpler. The app uses one-touch controls and you will be working to earn a certificate of mastery. Each time you finish a character you'll be awarded a certificate which you can share with all your friends. The developer has plans to add more states, chapters, and even the ability to print off the characters so you can fold them on a real piece of paper if you prefer.

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The app is free to play but there are a number of in-app purchases such as hints and additional chapters. These range in price from $0.99 to $9.99. This one was recently updated to feature unlimited hints, and a new theme and characters. The app has 4.5 out of five stars from users with comments that are generally very positive. Users have commented on the fact it can act as a fun and entertaining introduction to Origami.

Choose your theme and create a character
Choose your theme and create a character

Using the App

As soon as you launch the app you'll be able to scroll through the themes and choose which one you want to play. You will need to unlock each character in order and complete it before the next one becomes available. The way it works is that you are shown which way you need to fold the paper which is done by dragging your finger across the screen. The instructions are simple enough but that doesn’t mean the follow through is easy. It takes plenty of practice, patience, and a steady finger to complete these characters. You can always redo or undo folds plus you can turn the music on or off. You can always tap on the light bulb button for a hint.

The characters offer a welcome challenge
The characters offer a welcome challenge

Let's Fold - Origami puzzle game


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to create all kinds of Origami characters without paper
  • Each of the characters provides plenty of challenge
  • You can earn certificates as you complete characters
  • There are hints to help you when you get stuck


  • The in-app purchases can get pretty pricey
  • The characters can sometimes be quite difficult

50 characters collection
50 characters collection

Final Thoughts

The Let’s Fold app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users the opportunity to master Origami in a fun way that doesn’t even require paper. I find the level of challenge that these characters offer to be rather unexpected and definitely welcome.


Let's Fold - Origami puzzle game

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