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FastFeed for Tumblr app review: an enhanced Tumblr experience



If Tumblr is your thing and you are looking for a way to really enhance the experience then we have an app that can help out. The FastFeed for Tumblr app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone brings you all the benefits of multi-tab right to your Tumblr experience. This app provides you with the experience you love when using your web browser where you'll be able to navigate with ease and speed. It’s the kind of tool you may not think you need until you start using it, then suddenly you can never go without.

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FastFeed T1


Move Through Tumblr with Ease and Speed

Just think how fast and easy your Tumblr experience will be once you start using the FastFeed for Tumblr app. If you find yourself constantly hitting the back button, getting frustrated more and more each time, then this will act as a solution for you. Now you'll be able to navigate through the use of multi-tabs. As the developer explains you'll be able to enjoy seamless navigation and flow of information. The way it works is that each feed link will start a new feed tab; it’s that simple.

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The app is free to use but it does contain ads which can be removed with an in-app purchase of $2.99. The app scores very high with users getting 4.5 out of five stars. Users love how clean the user interface is, the fact it feels familiar, and that it’s very easy to use. In its latest update there were some small bug fixes made.

All the benefits of multi-tab
All the benefits of multi-tab

A User-Friendly Experience

With the FastFeed for Tumblr app it's all about the user experience and you can be sure you're in for a smooth, seamless, and easy one here. As mentioned each link will automatically open a new feed tab and you can just tap on the tab you wish to view. You can use gesture controls and there is auto hiding of the multi-tab bar. You can view the content in landscape or portrait mode, the app offers endless scrolling, you can choose between a flow or grid layout, and it's a universal app. While using it you'll be able to post videos, photos, links, quotes, text, and chats. You can also post offline. What you won't be able to do through the app is track tags, get notifications, fan mail, and ask/reply.

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Navigation couldn't be easier
Navigation couldn't be easier

FastFeed T1


Pros and Cons


  • The app enhances your Tumblr experience by giving you multi-tab capabilities
  • Each new link opens a new tab
  • The app uses gesture controls
  • Navigation is quick and simple
  • You’re able to perform a number of functions through the app
  • The app can be used in portrait and landscape mode


  • There is nothing negative to say

Displayed in grid or flow layout
Displayed in grid or flow layout

Final Thoughts

The FastFeed for Tumblr app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users all the benefits of multi-tab in a well-laid-out user interface.


FastFeed T1

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