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hip hop hen app review: the alphabet made simple



One of the most important things kids ages five and under need to learn is the alphabet and this can be rather tricky for some. The hip hop hen app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created to help young children learn the alphabet in an engaging way that enhances the learning process. In this app kids will be learning through the use of flashcard songs and the app has been designed by teachers based in the UK. 

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hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs


An Engaging and Immersive Learning Experience

If you have a child who is five years of age and younger then the hip hop hen app has been created specifically for them. This app focuses on early literacy, which is so important for kids and gives them a great foundation. In this app they will learn about the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. This means the app takes a phonics approach, which for those people who are unfamiliar with it, is the letter sounds. The sounds are called phonemes and in total there are 44 different phonemes for kids to learn. This is what helps kids learn how to spell and read as they learn to identify and recognize the various sounds and match it up to the corresponding letter(s).

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The app has just recently been updated with a brand new icon design, a new game for kids, additional content, and some teaching tips that parents can refer to. At this time it doesn’t have any customer comments or a customer rating.

There is hours' worth of learning to be enjoyed
There is hours' worth of learning to be enjoyed

Included in the App

The hip hop hen app features more than 40 interactive pages all of which are meant to engage with them. There are flashcards that each feature their own phonics-based song to help them learn and remember. There are two different learning games offered and in total you'll have hours’ worth of activities to keep kids busy. The parent tips that have been added can also be printed so as kids are playing/learning you can refer to your tip sheet.

The games use touch functionality so it's child-friendly and parents will be happy to know there are no outside links/ads nor are there any in-app purchases necessary. I find the graphics to be really fun and age-appropriate, in fact they will capture your child's interest right from the get go. This is the type of app that will actually make the kids want to come back and keep learning.

Kids will love the graphics, game play, and music
Kids will love the graphics, game play, and music

hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs


Pros and Cons


  • The game controls are child-friendly
  • The graphics are fun and engaging
  • There are two different learning games
  • Kids will be using phonics through the use of flashcards and songs
  • There are parent teaching tips included
  • There are no in-app purchases necessary


  • You may find your child excelling fast and wanting more activities

Enjoy and learn!
Enjoy and learn!

Final Thoughts

The hip hop hen app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives kids a fun way to learn about the alphabet, phonic sounds, and early literacy. This is a really fun option for young kids that offers child-friendly functionality and great graphics.


hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs

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