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Car Buying app review: inform yourself about vehicle trading



Whether you've never heard of Kelley Blue Book, or have been giving them your patronage for years, users of the iPhone and iPad looking to purchase or sell a car will definitely want to check out the Car Buying app.

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This app is the complete A to Z guide to car buying and selling along with other tools thrown in for good measure which make it worth the download.

You'll find Car Buying available for free in the Lifestyle section of the App Store, and it'll only take up a mere 3.9 MB of space with most of the content being streamed or downloaded, so make sure you have either an unlimited data plan or a WiFi connection for browsing.

Let's get right to the features of the best car buying app on the market.

Car Buying


Inform Yourself

Car Buying's main feature is the car guide which lets you learn about the kind of car you're looking for. There are six main options on the main menu including New, Used, Dealers, Videos, Saved, and Twitter. Take your pick from the former two options and begin learning!

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The Used cars section is the place where you can find out about reselling your own current car. Learn about the price range in the market along with tips and tricks to help sell your car at a reasonable price. This section will also tell you how to get a good deal if you're in the market for a used car.

Inform Yourself   image

Find A Dealer Near You

The great thing about this app is that not only will you get a biased opinion, but rather, the folks over at also encourage you to read user reviews of other car owners right on their app. You'll see ratings out of 10 along with detailed descriptions of users' experiences along with photos and videos.

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You will also find a map view as well as list view of dealers in your area which will allow you to zero in on a dealer where you can go for further enquiries.

Find A Dealer Near You image

Car Buying


Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive information regarding all kinds of vehicles
  • Learn about selling your used car and buying a new car
  • Free and lightweight app at 3.9 MB of space
  • Check out the current value of your used vehicle and how much used vehicles would cost
  • Compare various vehicles with ease
  • Check out photos and videos of vehicles
  • Find dealer information near you along with maps and directions


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Car Buying is a really useful and handy guide that will help you sell your used car or help you buy your next vehicle, and still get the best deal. If you are looking into motor trading, be it for earning some extra dough or for simply getting rid of your current vehicle, this is one of the best iPhone and iPad apps.

Car Buying

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