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Break Stuff app review: for world cancer research



Making a big ol’ heap of fun out of a very simple concept is Break Stuff, a very amusing game for iPhone and iPad that has been developed with the primary goal of raising funds for the World Cancer Research Fund International.

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Break Stuff


Raise Money for Cancer Research

Cancer research is as worthy a cause as any other, so if you’re on the lookout for a fun app to download with some of the money going somewhere other than the pockets of the developer than I would definitely recommend this one!

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Choose your weapon
Choose your weapon

What's Your Weapon of Choice?

Break Stuff also features some in-app upgrades where you can swap your boxing gloves for a whole arsenal of other smashing tools to really start doing some serious damage, so be sure to check these out too.

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It’s worth noting that the profits from this game must exceed $300 for the money to go to the World Cancer Research Fund International, so you might consider downloading this game solely for the purpose of making a charitable donation.

Smash it up!
Smash it up!

Break Stuff


Pros & Cons


  • Play a fun tactile game where 50 percent of all profits go to the World Cancer Research Fund International
  • Purchase and smash all kinds of beautiful smashable items to vent your frustration!
  • Upgrade your boxing gloves to a whole arsenal of smashing tools to really cause some damage
  • Purchase upgrades within the app to keep the donations flowing to the World Cancer Research Fund
  • The profits must exceed $300 for the money to go to the WCRF so get smashing!


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Spread the word
Spread the word

Final Words

Break Stuff is a simple iPhone and iPad app that delivers a lot of laughs while donating to a good cause, so it definitely receives my recommendation. 


Break Stuff

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