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LocationMinder app review: reminders that are based on your location



You've probably got a reminder app, possibly a few, but here's one that manages to offer something different. The LocationMinder app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides users with location-based reminders. You'll be able to set alarms that are based on a specific location and when you reach that location an alarm will go off. What's great is you'll be able to set up multiple locations per reminder making this app all the more useful and flexible.

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LocationMinder - Location Based Reminders


A Different Kind of Reminder

The LocationMinder app provides users with a different kind of reminder experience one that is based on a location. Here you will be able to create a to-do list, set up the alarm, and set the location. This app also takes things another step by offering total control over the alerts and even being able to receive a talking alarm. Not to worry this app features its own power consumption reduction techniques so it doesn't drain your battery as it keeps track of your location. The app boasts incredible accuracy and will provide an alert within 500 feet of the location.

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This app was updated earlier this year by adding the multiple locations per reminder feature. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use it and currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users. It seems users are a bit mixed on their feelings for this app as some are very happy with the offering whereas others would like to see changes made.

Set up your reminder
Set up your reminder

Setting up Reminders

Setting up your reminder in the LocationMinder app is relatively quick and easy. Because you can set up multiple locations per reminder it can come in really handy. Features of this app include being able to translate text-to-speech so your reminder will speak to you, you will receive an alarm when you reach and leave a destination, customize your alert tone, and the ability to skip and snooze alarms. There is no need to leave the app active it will remind you no matter what and there is a master switch so you can turn the reminders off when wanted.

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The app has a rather simple user interface with basic navigation tools. It's definitely a good idea and helpful it just feels like it could do with a bit of refinement and polishing, perhaps even some additional tools/features.

Reminders will be sent even if the app isn't active
Reminders will be sent even if the app isn't active

LocationMinder - Location Based Reminders


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is simple to navigate
  • Receive location-based reminders
  • Set multiple locations per reminder
  • Customize the alarm
  • Turn off alarm monitoring if you choose
  • The app offers text-to-speech translation so your alarm is spoken to you


  • The user interface feels almost too basic
  • It could do with a few additional features and tools

Customizable settings
Customizable settings

Final Thoughts

The LocationMinder app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone ensures that you’ll receive reminders based on your location. There are a few customization tools here that add to the flexibility of the app.

LocationMinder - Location Based Reminders

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