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Crazy Bartender app review: mix it up



Crazy Bartender is an iPhone and iPad app that not only carries dozens upon dozens of cocktail recipes, but it also allows you to create new drinks using a "slot-machine" style ingredient mixer.

This app can be found in the Lifestyle section of the App Store where it can be purchased for $2.99. Considering the fact that it has no ads, plenty of drink recipes, and a "Crazy bartender" drink creator, the pricing of the app seems just about right.

That said, let's take a look at its functions and features.

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Crazy Bartender


Spin The Wheel!

Crazy Bartender looks great both on the iPhone as well as iPad as it features a really simple and intuitive user interface. Upon launching the app, you'll find the familiar navigation menu at the bottom of the screen which lets you quickly jump between sections.

These include the Crazy Bartender (default), History, Search, and Pictures.

The default screen displays the slot machine-style spinner. You can either tap on the SPIN button on the top right or simply shake to spin. There are three slots, namely for the Style, Alcohol, and Mixer. Style includes options like Cocktails/Mocktails, Shooters, Frozen, and Highball, while Alcohol ranges from Apple Brandy to Red Wine. Mixers can be anything from apple cider to plain ol' water.

Users can also lock in any of the wheels to the option they want.

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Shake it baby!
Shake it baby!

Shaken, Not Stirred

The Crazy Bartender app also contains a database of drinks in case you want to play it safe. Search through the database using the name of a mixer, spirit, or name of the drink and get all the info you need to concoct a drink with ease.

The app will track your searches and keep your search history available to you if you want to go back to a drink you've recently looked at.

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Cocktail recipes

Crazy Bartender


Pros & Cons


  • Slot machine-style wheels to help you mix up never-before-concocted drinks
  • Lightweight app
  • Contains a vast and varied database of drinks
  • Learn the recipes for various drinks
  • Search through the database with a powerful search function


  • There are some stability issues with this app which need to be ironed out

Search the database
Search the database

Final Words

Crazy Bartender is a cool app, but its stability issues do make it a little cumbersome to use. I hope the developers take note and launch an update which works better. If you have $2.99 to space and like the idea of the app, give it a spin on your iPhone or iPad.


Crazy Bartender

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