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Chinese Letter Academy app review: helping kids with the basics



We've come across an engaging and educational app that is ideal for helping kids learn the proper stroke order for writing Chinese characters. The Chinese Letter Academy app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is meant for kids ages six through eight. If you're familiar with the app "My Chinese Copybook" this is an upgraded version of it. What's great is that parents will be able to purchase the words they want their child to learn, making this a customizable experience.

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Chinese Letter Academy


Take Away the Stress of Learning

What the Chinese Letter Academy app can do is really take away the stress that is often associated with the whole revision process. The way it works is that you are able to purchase tokens and then purchase the words that you are interested in as well as the items that come with them. This is an interactive app so the learning experience is quite engaging. Kids will learn about the proper stroke order, how to write the characters correctly, and the writing pattern that relates to the construction of each of the Chinese characters. Without learning the proper stroke order, learning to write Chinese characters is pretty much impossible.

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The app is free to download and then you can purchase tokens in packages of 10 for $0.99. The app had just had some small bug fixes for smoother performance. The customer comments are mixed in that parents love the functionality and the lessons offered but feel it can be pretty expensive if you plan on purchasing a number of words. The app doesn’t have a customer rating as of right now.

This is a customizable experience
This is a customizable experience

Features of the App

The Chinese Letter Academy features more than 50 Chinese words that are commonly used. As kids are learning, the app provides them with gentle reminders so that they progress in a positive way and without too much interference. Kids will be working in their own exercise book so it's easy to take a look at their progress and successes. This is a wonderful motivational tool for kids and helps parents to determine the areas they can use a bit more practice in.

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What I really appreciate is the developer stating that a time limit should be placed on the activities. Kids need to take a break in between lessons so that they don't over-do it and end up burning out.

Learn the proper stroke order
Learn the proper stroke order

Chinese Letter Academy


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers a customizable experience as parents can purchase the words they want their kids to learn
  • There are more than 50 commonly used words
  • Kids will learn about proper stroke order so they can write Chinese characters properly
  • Their work will appear in a virtual notebook


  • As users have pointed out this app can get quite expensive depending on how many words you want your child to be able to learn

Check your children’s daily accomplishments
Check your children’s daily accomplishments

Final Thoughts

The Chinese Letter Academy app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can act as the perfect solution when it comes to learning how to write Chinese characters. The app is engaging, interactive, responsive, and fun, making for a very successful offering.


Chinese Letter Academy

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