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Canned app review: text templates



We don’t always have the time or will to type out lengthy replies to the text messages we receive from people, so with Canned on your iPhone and iPad you’ll be able to reply within a matter of seconds thanks to some pre-defined templates.

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This is a great idea for those of you who often find yourself inundated with texts and calls from people while you’re in the middle of tasks as you can simply shoot over a quick generic response without having to lose your focus.

Send Out 'Canned' Messages

What we’ve got here is a simple yet very well-conceived app in the Productivity category of the App Store that enables you to choose from a range of pre-defined or ‘canned’ text message templates to help you save time.

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This makes it highly useful if you’re in the middle of something and don’t want to take your attention away from it for more than a few seconds, but if necessary you can also edit and add to the templates to add a more personal touch.

Set up your own 'canned' messages
Set up your own 'canned' messages

Let People Know You're Busy

Canned is the ideal app to keep handy on your iOS device for quickly getting back to people if they call you and you don’t have the time to accept the call, so you should be able to avoid any hard feelings with your clients or friends.

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What’s more, this app also provides a facility whereby you can set up groups and send text messages to people all at once, making it ideal for when you’ve received half a dozen messages or calls from various people and want to send a simple generic message to all of them at once.

Add and edit
Add and edit

Pros & Cons


  • Provides a range of pre-defined text message templates to help you save time
  • Also allows for you to edit or add to your text templates before sending them
  • Perfect for quickly getting back to people when you aren’t available to accept calls
  • Set up group text messages to contact people all at once


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Send group messages
Send group messages

Final Words

Canned for iPhone and iPad offers a great way of conducting yourself by not ignoring people and being considerate enough to send them a quick message to say that you’re busy but will get back to them a little later.


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