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Reflexology PRO for iPad app review: learn the ancient practice



Reflexology is an ancient practice that is still used today to treat all kinds of common medical problems and now you have a way to learn it at home. The Reflexology PRO for iPad app takes you through the physiology and anatomy information that is used in reflexology. You'll learn all about the different pressure techniques that you can use on your hand and foot that are meant to address different issues. The app strives to provide a complete look at the practice of reflexology so you feel well-educated and prepared to try it yourself.

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Reflexology PRO for iPad


What is Reflexology?

The Reflexology PRO for iPad app wouldn't be complete without a detailed definition of the ancient practice so of course the app outlines what it is. In today's practice, reflexology has actually taken on a more scientific approach thanks to the fact that many of its healing properties are now backed up by researchers. The app describes in detail with text and images over 60 of the body's parts and organs so then you also get an idea of how that relates to medical issues. What’s really great is that because this app is specifically for your iPad it takes full advantage of the gorgeous large screen. Through the app you'll learn how to treat over 25 of the most common medical issues.

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The app has recently been updated with improvements specifically for iOS 7 and some minor bug fixes. Users have given it 4.5 out of five stars but there are no customer comments as of yet.

Learn all about the practice of reflexology
Learn all about the practice of reflexology

Features and Learning Tools

The Reflexology PRO for iPad ensures that even if you know nothing about reflexology after using this app you'll be well-versed in what it is and how it helps. The app takes an in-depth look at each reflex area and gives users visual instructions. These areas include such places as the top of your foot, the sole of your foot, the lateral and medial side of your foot, and more. There is all kinds of reading material which is why this is called the pro version.

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You have the ability to change the look of the app such as the backgrounds, application buttons, skins, and themes. Navigation of the app is simple thanks to the bar along the bottom of the screen. Developers also have plans to add more tools and features in the future.

There are plenty of images throughout the app
There are plenty of images throughout the app

Reflexology PRO for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • The app provides users with an in-depth look at what reflexology is, how it helps, and how to perform it
  • Information is given through text and images
  • The app is very easy to navigate
  • Find information on how to deal with over 25 common health issues


  • The app obviously can’t turn you into a professional reflexologist but it can at least provide you with plenty of helpful information

View reflex points for all foot/hand sides
View reflex points for all foot/hand sides

Final Thoughts

The Reflexology PRO for iPad app can help you take on a number of common medical issues through the use of reflexology. The content is vast and the approach is user-friendly.


Reflexology PRO for iPad

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