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Quotes for Star Wars app review: for the true fans



If you're one of the millions who are celebrating the official launch of the Star Wars trailer then we've got an app to help you brush up on your movie knowledge. The Quotes for Star Wars app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun offering that features almost 500 of the most popular quotes that are found throughout all six of the episodes. This is a way to relive all those epic moments and get yourself completely pumped up for December 2015!

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Quotes for Star Wars


Enjoy All the Memorable Quotes

It seems like Star Wars is one of those movie franchises that just continues to grow in popularity and with that said we've got a really fun way to enjoy all those memorable quotes. The Quotes for Star Wars app is a fan must-have and features almost 500 of the most popular quotes. They are taken from each of the six movie episodes; keep in mind these are text quotes, not audio quotes. You’ll recognize many but there may be some that jog your memory and have you looking back at the movies to relive the moment.

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The app was last updated just over a year ago with some minor bug fixes and an update for those using iOS 6.1.2, so clearly an update is overdue. Despite the lack of updates this app scores a very formidable 4.5 out of five stars from users. The customer comments are absolutely glowing and the app seems to be a hit with all ages.

Find quotes by Episode
Find quotes by Episode

The User Experience

The Quotes for Star Wars app is showcased by character or episode so you're never left scratching your head. You can always mark quotes as favorites, you can search by keyword, and you can send quotes by email to all your friends and family. After you start adding quotes to your favorite list you'll be able to edit it by putting it in the order you want. Shake your device for a random quote to show up, and there's no need for an Internet connection.

The user interface is pretty crude in that it's incredibly basic. The point of this app is its content and not so much about how it looks. The navigation bar along the bottom of the screen makes it easy to navigate and you will have no problem finding the quotes that interest you. It’s a really fun way to brush up on your knowledge and get ready for next year’s big release.

Manage your favorites list
Manage your favorites list

Quotes for Star Wars


Pros and Cons


  • The app is incredibly user-friendly
  • Find quotes by episode (movie) or character
  • Mark quotes as favorites
  • Search by keyword
  • Share quotes by email
  • Navigate the app with ease


  • This is a very basic offering with no added features

Search function
Search function

Final Words

The Quotes for Star Wars app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a user-friendly way to enjoy your favorite quotes. Although there are no special features here the content speaks for itself and makes for a really fun experience.


Quotes for Star Wars

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