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eMailGanizer Pro app review: organize all your email in one



If you have more than one email account then you know exactly how frustrating it can be to check them all and stay up to date on each one. The eMailGanizer Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created to give users a way to take back control of their life when it comes to email. You will be able to manage all your emails from various accounts in one central location, meaning you can file them even on the go.

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eMailGanizer Pro


An Email Productivity Tool

The eMailGanizer Pro app strives to be an email productivity tool where you won't have to be sitting in front of your desktop in order to manage and organize your emails. The app works with a number of different email providers such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, Hotmail, IMAP, AOL, as well as Dropbox and iCloud, among others. You'll be able to file your messages with just two taps, meaning this isn't just a solution; it's a quick and easy answer to your problems. It also integrates with your calendar, your task manager, and is an email reader. If you need to work offline you can do so and then the app will sync when you are online next.

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Earlier in the year, this email organiser app went through all kinds of fixes to squash any little quirks. Additionally, it had performance improvements so that users would be treated to a better experience. The users have given the app 4.5 out of five stars and have described it as useful, quick, and simple to work.

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A Selection of Tools and Features

Of course it's all about the features and tools in the eMailGanizer Pro app and there are a number to mention. Filing your email is one of the biggest benefits of this app and with that said you're able to file an email with a simple swipe, you can search for a particular folder by name, file to a favorites folder, and even shake to undo a filing. The app supports folders in that you can create them, rename them, move them, and delete them. Find your folders by name, collapse and expand folders, and there is a universal inbox.

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Additionally you can customize the look by changing the color scheme, you can speak emails, there is conversation view and email threading, and everything can be protected with a password.

A Selection of Tools and Features image

eMailGanizer Pro


Pros and Cons


  • The app makes it possible to view and file emails within seconds
  • It supports some of the largest email providers out there
  • Create and edit folders from within the app
  • File your emails with a swipe
  • There are customization tools available
  • The app can be used in offline mode and sync when online


  • There is a bit of a learning curve involved in this app

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Final Words

The eMailGanizer Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone means you can get all your emails in one spot even on the go and file them with ease thanks to the impressive selection of tools and features. This might not be the best iPad or iPhone email app, but it’s still worth your consideration.

eMailGanizer Pro

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