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iQPrompter Basic app review: teleprompter



Giving presentations in a professional context can be a daunting prospect for a lot of people, so iQPrompter Basic for iPhone and iPad has been designed to give you a handy teleprompting service that will ensure everything goes according to plan.

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If you’re nervous about giving a presentation or you simply have a lot of things to remember then I can definitely see an app like this proving to be invaluable, so be sure to take it for a spin and see what you think.

iQPrompter Basic


Give a Polished Presentation

What we have here is a fantastic teleprompter utility that offers a whole heap of features to ensure your presentations run smoothly and come off with a polished and professional end result.

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You can format every aspect of your presentation with text and graphical prompts, as well as setting up on-screen alerts that will let you know when your time is running out so you don’t end up running over on your allotted duration.

Give a Polished Presentation image

Customize Your Prompts

iQPrompter Basic allows you to customize not just the appearance of the text itself but the speed at which it scrolls down the screen, and if you’re ahead or behind schedule then you can adjust the speed accordingly in real time.

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What’s more, this app makes it very easy for you to move files back and forth between your iOS device and your PC or Mac, so you can design slideshows and presentations on your computer before importing them into the app if you prefer.

Customize Your Prompts image

iQPrompter Basic


Pros & Cons


  • Use a highly functional teleprompter utility for professional presentations
  • Format every aspect of your presentation with text and graphical prompts
  • Set up a count-in timer as well as a timer to show how much time you have left
  • On-screen alerts will let you know when your time is running out
  • Adjust the speed of text scrolling even in the middle of your presentation
  • Comes complete with a collection of famous speeches for you to borrow inspiration from
  • Design your presentations on your PC or Mac before importing them to the app via Wi-Fi transfer


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

iQPrompter Basic is a fantastic idea for an iPad and iPhone app that should come in very handy for frequent presenters in business.

iQPrompter Basic

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