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Stealers Steal app review: set out on a quest



It's time to set out on a quest and in this quest you have one main objective and that's to find gold. The Stealers Steal app for your iPad is an action-packed game where you will constantly need to be looking at the risk involved with stealing the gold versus the reward you'll get by stealing. In order to be successful in this game you need to have the most gold so you need to take on the obstacles with smarts and quick reflexes.

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Stealers Steal: A thief's quest for gold


Obstacles in Your Way

There’s no way that stealing gold can be as easy as just picking it up off the ground and in Stealers Steal you’ll quickly find out that there is always a risk in stealing. There are all kinds of obstacles that are put in place just to thwart your attempts such as traps, guards, switches, portals, remote control panels, sensors, safes, cameras, lasers, and doors. All of these items can put a wrench in your plans and make it next to impossible to steal the gold. Now here's the catch you've got the ability to make use of powerful items along the way that can help you from getting caught and make it possible for you to get that gold. The goal is that when you retire the amount of gold you have will shoot you to the top of the Leaderboard.

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The app has just gone through some small improvements and there is now the ability to control it with an on-screen joystick. It currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. There are no customer comments at this time.

There are all kinds of items in the way
There are all kinds of items in the way

Gaming Features

The Stealers Steal app isn't just a casual no-brainer style game; this one actually takes some strategy, luck, and know-how. There are 36 levels in total, all of which can be replayed. Keep in mind when you replay them they increase in difficulty. There are a number of ways to head into a situation and 12 items available that will help you get out of these situations. As far as game controls, you can either use the tilt controls or the on-screen joystick. You may want to try both out and see which you prefer.

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The app supports Game Center and the Leaderboards, has fun animations and sound effects, and as you're rewarded with gold you can share on social media. The game is incredibly addictive as you constantly try to out-best yourself and climb the Leaderboard of course.

Make use of a variety of items that will help you out
Make use of a variety of items that will help you out

Stealers Steal: A thief's quest for gold


Pros and Cons


  • The game feels unique, fun, and challenging
  • You can replay all of the 36 levels and each time you replay the level it gets harder
  • There are all kinds of obstacles in your way which is what makes it so fun
  • Make use of the 12 items that can help you get through each situation


  • There is nothing negative to say

36 challenging levels
36 challenging levels

Final Thoughts

The Stealers Steal app for your iPad is a high-energy, challenging, and smooth game that will capture your full attention from the moment you launch it.


Stealers Steal: A thief's quest for gold

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