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iGrand Piano for iPad app review: create your own concert



While the price of a grand piano might be too high for most people there is still a way you can enjoy the beautiful sounds that it makes. The iGrand Piano for iPad app is able to magically transform your iPad into a realistic-sounding piano. This iPad piano app gives you the choice of 17 different pianos, which means plenty of variety when it comes to the sound you are looking for. Not only do you have all the acoustic pianos to choose from, but there is built-in recording. 

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iGrand Piano for iPad


A Musical Experience

The iGrand Piano for iPad provides users with a musical experience that allows you to compose, learn, play, rehearse, and record. You have 17 different acoustic pianos to choose from, all of which sound professional and realistic. You've got the ability to use the iRig MIDI interface to connect your external keyboard to your iPad or the iRig KEYS portable keyboard. The app has gone to great lengths to provide users with studio-quality sound and options so that you don't feel as though the digital experience is less of an experience.

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The free version of the app provides you with eight pianos to have fun with and from there you can purchase the expansion pack with an additional nine pianos for $4.99. The app was last updated over a year ago when it became compatible with iOS 7. The app has 3.5 out of five stars from users who have left rather mixed reviews.

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Plenty of Features and Tools

The iGrand Piano for iPad app provides users with a selection of features and tools meant to make the user experience all the better. Noteworthy features include a large visual metronome, editing controls that are easy to use, low-latency which allows for real-time playing, and virtual MIDI Program Change and MIDI support. For those performances you're especially proud of you can do so by audio copy, file sharing, and email. This isn't just about recording those stellar performances it's also about learning by recording rehearsals and then being able to hear what areas you need to work on still.

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The user interface is quite polished and attractive and the playing experience is about as close to real as you can get on a digital platform. The negative comments seem to be from professional musicians, or ones that are more advanced who feel it's not realistic sounding. It’s important to note that because this is an app it’s not ever going to be able to compare to a real piano.

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iGrand Piano for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers a polished, professional, and crisp sound
  • There are 17 acoustic pianos to play
  • You can play, rehearse, and record your performances
  • There are editing tools
  • You can share your performances in a number of ways


  • Some feel as though the sounds aren’t realistic enough

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Final Words

The iGrand Piano for iPad app makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the joys of a piano even if you’re out in about. I like the fact you can also record and share your performances.

iGrand Piano for iPad

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