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CarRentals - app review: find what you need 2021



When traveling abroad or even in your own country, often a car rental is necessary for your trip. The CarRentals - app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible for you to book a car rental with ease so it's one less thing to worry about on your trip.

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The rental car app makes it possible for users to search through more than 15,000 locations found both in the United States and around the world. With this iPhone app for car rental, you will be able to find what you want and book it in mere minutes.

For more details about this car rental app for iPhone, continue reading our CarRentals app review. You will quickly see just how easy it is to find cars to rent with this app. Rental Car App


Have Your Car Waiting

Instead of getting off the plane in your destination and then dealing with finding a rental car, why not book it in advance and make your travels smooth? The CarRentals - app makes it possible to book a rental based on the city, zip code, airport code, or even the current location using your device’s GPS.

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As mentioned there are more than 15,000 locations both internationally and within the country so that means there’s a good chance you’ll find a location nearby. Another bonus is that the app tries to provide you with the most competitive pricing out there without the needs for any coupons.

The CarRentals - app is free to use and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Earlier this year there were a number of bug fixes made that have made the search process faster and smoother when looking for a same-day car rental.

The app currently has four out of five stars from users who seem pretty pleased with the offering. Some users have found minor issues with the app.

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The Booking Experience

Using the CarRentals - app is quite simple as you've got a variety of ways to search. There is also a comparison of rental rates so you can be sure you pick what matches your needs. Bookings can be made through the app and you can view them at any time or cancel a reservation.

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The customer support representatives are available as well if you need help. Even if you're booking last minute you'll want to try the app over booking in person because it can still save you money in most cases.

The user interface, although simple to navigate, is a bit dull. There could definitely be improvements here. The fact that you get to compare the different companies all on one screen though is really helpful and not all the apps offer that feature.

The Booking Experience image Rental Car App


Pros and Cons


  • The app makes it possible to book a car in the United States and internationally
  • Search by zip code, location, or by GPS location
  • Compare rates from a variety of car rental companies
  • Make bookings from within the app
  • View or cancel your booking from within the app
  • The CarRentals - app allows you to make last-minute bookings as well


  • The user interface is rather dull

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The CarRentals app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone can certainly be a useful tool when booking a holiday but this one could do with some updates, added features, and just a sleeker look overall. Rental Car App

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