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What Would You Do? app review: either or questions to keep you on your toes



What Would You Do? is an iPhone and iPad quiz game that is fun to play on your own or as a party game. There are some quirks to get worked out, but the premise is really fun!

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What Would You Do??


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In a wold of Social Media connections, answering quirky questions in What Would You Do? is the next fun quiz. There are a ton of quizzes that pop up on Facebook daily, and if you love quizzes, then you can click your way through the either or questions in this app. There are 12 categories of Popular, Dirty, Entertainment, People, Politics, Popular, Randoam, Random, Relationships, Situations, Sports, and Technology. Yes, with that spelling. Each has several questions to choose from.

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Across the top of the screen are related apps, the number of questions available, share, favorite, and remove ads. The bottom has the option of selecting the next Would You, category selection, favorites you’re monitoring, and searches.


What Would You Do? is an app that will be fun once the glitches are worked out. If you tap the A or B, then you can see it light up, but it doesn’t advance to the next question, and the letter doesn’t stay lit up to indicate your selection. I would definitely like to see the glitches worked out so that I can see the progress of the questions I answer. The premise is fun, but it’s hard to get a feel for when the app isn’t working properly. I reported this to the developers, as have many of their reviewers.

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There are many apps that are similar that are great for playing at parties, with family gatherings, and more. I would definitely play the more appropriate categories with family, as we have a blast with games like this!


What Would You Do??


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play alone or as a group


  • Glitches to work out
  • Selection doesn’t stick

Question samples
Question samples

Final Thoughts

What Would You Do? is a fun iPhone and iPad app that will set your personality straight with the mind-blowing unexpected questions in this app. The game is fun to play as a group or on your own, or in a group. My family loves to play games like this, so that’s why I downloaded it to give a try. There are a lot of glitches to work out, and I have reported this to the developer as have many of the reviewers on App Store. I’m hoping that they can get it worked out, and sort the dirty questions into the dirty category more sufficiently so that I can play it with family at gatherings. Overall, it is a great premise, and I’ll keep my eye out for the glitches to get worked out.


What Would You Do??

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