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CameraDoodle app review: doodle on photos prior to capturing them!



If you're looking for a way to change up the way you take photos on your iPhone or iPad, CameraDoodle is an app that you must definitely consider purchasing.

What we have here is an app that combines the camera function with the ability to doodle on the iOS touchscreen, to bring its users a unique photo-capturing experience.

Let's take a look at the features of this app.

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Uncluttered Interface

CameraDoodle makes a fun and quirky addition to the Photo & Video section of the App Store. You can purchase this app for $1.99, which is a fair price to provide you with a fresh and novel photography experience for the iPhone and iPad.

The user interface of this app is clean and simplistic, with just three translucent icons tucked away at the corners of the app to make for a bigger picture preview area. These three icons include one to switch between the front and rear camera, another to erase the doodle, and a third to snap the photo.

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Uncluttered user interface
Uncluttered user interface

Functions & Features

The functionality of this app is pretty self-explanatory. When you fire up the app, you'll be taken straight to the viewfinder. You can choose to look through the front or back camera of the app.

As you are looking at the live camera feed, you can doodle away on it the way your heart desires. This app only takes up a mere 0.2 MB of space on your iOS device, leaving plenty of room for the fun photos you're going to take by using it.

A yellow button on the bottom left will erase all the doodles if you make a mistake, while the camera icon on the bottom right will capture the photo and save it to your camera roll.

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Take quirky photos

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Pros & Cons


  • Large photo preview area with minimal icons which are tucked away at the corners for maximum field of vision
  • Allows users to doodle directly on the camera preview
  • Photos are saved directly to the camera roll
  • Front and back cameras can be used


  • This is a fairly rudimentary app, meant for fun rather than for serious photographers

Save to camera roll
Save to camera roll

Final Words

CameraDoodle is a fine app that will surely make for some fun and quirky photos on your iPhone or iPad. Don't expect it to have a full suite of photo-editing tools, but certainly expect lots of laughs and pranks!


Cam & Draw - realtime camera drawing

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