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Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvent app review: view swim meet details



Whether you’re thinking of hosting or attending a swim meet or some other kind of swimming event, Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvent is the ideal iPhone and iPad app to use so that you can organize the attendance of elite swimmers.

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Clinics, workshops, and the like are going to be a whole lot more effective with a professional (or three) in your midst, so I think that this is a great idea for an app that will serve to boost the productivity of your meets.

Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvents


Simple Swim Meet Setups

If you’re a member of a swim club then you’ll be able to use this app as an easy way of interacting with your fellow members, but more than that this app allows you to set up swimming events with gold medalists and other esteemed swimmers.

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All of the swimmers included within the app come with a record of their career stats, and you can set up your own personal budget in order to see which athletes you’ll have available or your next swimming event.

Join the Community

Once you’ve established your budget within Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvent, you can choose up to three swimmers, and if you need more information then you can interact with other swimming enthusiasts within the ‘Beyond the Pool’ online community.

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What’s more, this app comes with a collection of images from previous swim meets and various events, so you’ll have everything you need to stay up to date with the latest happenings in your local swimming scene.

Set up swim meets
Set up swim meets

Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvents


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy an easy way of interacting with members of your swim club
  • Set up swimming events with gold medalists and other esteemed swimmers
  • View the career stats of all of the swimmers detailed within the app
  • Includes images from previous swimming events and other meets
  • Interact with other swimming enthusiasts within the ‘Beyond the Pool’ online community
  • Establish your budget to see which athletes will be available for your swim event
  • Choose up to three athletes that you would like to attend your swim event


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvent is sure to become a must-have iPhone and iPad app for serious swimmers, so be sure to check it out!


Ultimate Swimmer SwimEvents

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