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My Little Pony app review: more than 87 media to help your child learn



My Little Pony is a learn-to-read app for your iPhone and iPad that will get your young child ready to read. There are a few free books, but most are between $0.99 and $3.99.

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My Little Pony--Interactive Reading Apps, Comics and Videos!


Many Books for Many Hours of Fun

My Little Pony learn-to-read book app includes 87 different books, comics, readers, videos, and more. I downloaded a video called Shake Your Tale and a comic called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. These are the two free options for the app. Shake Your Tale is the uniting song from the Equestria Girls movie.

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The app is easy to navigate with a sorting tool across the top. You can view all 87 files, or you can sort by iReader, ReadAlong, Comics, or Video. Additionally you can sort by pony name, location, and more!

Along the bottom you have the Store with the 87 files to choose from, My Stuff to view your purchases, New, Messages, and More. Note that you cannot sort your stuff. Under more you can sign into your account, block your child from purchasing, set up a children’s account, delete content, and enable data use. I love that you can shut off data use right from the app so that you don’t have to do this separately when you are trying to preserve your data.

All options turned on
All options turned on

Reader Layout

I like how the readers are laid out. In My Little Pony, there are four options when you start the story: My Stuff to return to the menu, cover to start again, start recording to record your reading, and record voice. When you get to the story after flipping through a few pages, you can zoom in and out to more easily see the text if you are using an iPhone. This is huge, because many of the reader apps I’ve tried don’t allow zooming. When you turn the page, you remain zoomed in, so you will need to zoom back out to view the whole page again.

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How to navigate
How to navigate

My Little Pony--Interactive Reading Apps, Comics and Videos!


Pros & Cons


  • Free app
  • Free samples
  • Based on a per purchase fee rather than subscription
  • Can turn off the use of data right in the app
  • More than 87 pieces of media to view and use


  • None found

Reading a comic
Reading a comic

Final Thoughts

My Little Pony is a learn-to-read app for the iPhone and iPad that helps kids learn to love reading. There are iReaders for new readers, videos to keep them motivated, and even comics for those who need a different media to enjoy reading. Overall, I really enjoyed checking out this app, and would recommend it to anyone who has a My Little Pony fan in the house.


My Little Pony--Interactive Reading Apps, Comics and Videos!

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