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pepperLite app review: portfolio-presenting tool



If you're a designer looking for a way to showcase your digital designs from your iPad, then the pepperLite app is definitely worth checking out.

What we have here is an app that combines smooth navigation with a beautiful showcasing feature and data reports that will help you present your portfolio in a completely unique and impressive way.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this app.

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Artistic Freedom!

pepperLite is a free app that can be found in the Business section of the App Store. It's perfect for people who are wishing to show off their products, services, and talent to prospective clients by putting together the items in under two minutes.

You can also use this app to get data on yourself; an Analytics feature will help you create over 30 types of reports for business decisions. More than 20 file formats are supported and, unlike other apps, you can upload as many assets as you please! You will never have to limit your uploads based on space shortages, which can be truly liberating for artists.

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Showcase Your Work

One of the highlights of pepperLite is the Magic Wand feature. This easy-to-use, intuitive feature allows users to hide and show their assets with a single touch of a button, allowing them to customize their presentations based on the audience.

Once you're in one of your designs, you can tap, scroll, pinch to zoom, and swipe through them using all the gesture-based controls of the iOS.

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Pros & Cons


  • Hide and unhide assets within seconds using the magic wand function
  • Use all the gesture-based features of the iOS to showcase your projects
  • Create a beautiful narrative of your work based on your audience
  • Unlimited space to upload your projects
  • Supports more than 20 file formats


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

If you're struggling to find a way to present your portfolio and/or assets to an audience in the way that you want to, without any technical issues, then pepperLite is a must-have on your iPad. Highly recommended!


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