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Fashion Solver app review: all things fashion



If you fancy yourself as a fashionista and want to know exactly what's in vogue lately, then Fashion Solver is an app that you might want to consider getting on your iPhone or iPad.

What we have here is an app that opens up a portal into the world of fashion where you can interact with not just your fashionable friends but also connect with a network of fashion-lovers from around the world.

Let's take a look at how it works.

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Fashion Solver


Browse Fashion Photos

Fashion Solver can be downloaded for free from the Lifestyle section of the App Store, and it takes up just 7.3 MB of space on your iOS device, leaving you plenty of room for style photos.

The user interface has that familiar iOS app feel, with a five-icon menu at the bottom of the screen that will help you navigate through the various sections of the app. These include Browse, Favorites, Snap, Profile, and Swaggers.

The Browse section of the app features a news-feed style collection of photographs that you can browse through. There's a virtually unlimited number of images and you can browse them by various criteria such as newest first, popular picks, celebrity photos, and more.

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Identify the designer
Identify the designer

Connect and Share

When you tap on a photograph that you want to check out, you can tap on the item of the outfit that you choose to identify and have a guess at the designer of the item, be it an item of clothing or shoes.

Other features include the ability to add snaps to your favorites, upload your own photos, and follow active users whose style you like.

Once you've zeroed in on certain items of clothing, this app will also enable you to find out where you can purchase these items, so you don't just spend your time looking at and coveting fashionable clothing, but also have the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe as styles change and evolve.

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Browse fashion photos
Browse fashion photos

Fashion Solver


Pros & Cons


  • Free and lightweight app
  • Follow style photographers to discover the latest trends
  • Learn what the celebrities are wearing
  • Easy to use, familiar user interface
  • Find out where to purchase items you like


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Follow fashion photographers
Follow fashion photographers

Final Words

Fashion Solver is one of the must-have apps for fashionistas! This app will ensure that you don't simply ogle over stylish clothing, but also have a chance to wear it and show it off. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad and upgrade your wardrobe and style!


Fashion Solver

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