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Big Head Gunner app review: your help is needed



Your help is needed in order to rescue Prince Akoki of the Acorn Kingdom in a fast-paced and innovative game. The Big Head Gunner app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is rather streamlined and simple but is filled with innovative features. This app just screams unique as you begin by entering the Acorn Kingdom. It is here that you will need to rescue Prince Akoki, which won't be easy since there are 36 levels with literally dozens of sub-levels to complete.

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Big Head Gunner


Effortless Controls

The Big Head Gunner app has a whole bunch going for it; in particular, the fact it features touchscreen controls means you won't have to worry about using an onscreen controller. You will enjoy the precise gameplay that allows you to do that much better. This is known as Precision Touch and precision is exactly what it delivers to you. The game actually took two years to put together as developers wanted to make it a stand-out option. Each of the levels has been handcrafted and there are 36 of them, with dozens of sub-levels which total more than 50 hours’ worth of gameplay. You'll travel through nine different worlds, which helps to keep the game visually interesting and challenging to boot.

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The app has one in-app purchase available for $0.99. In its latest update there were a number of pretty major bug fixes so that users will enjoy the game that much more. Clearly all the hard work has paid off because this app has a perfect five star rating from users. Players have described the app as perfect, challenging, fun, and one of the best runner-style games out there.

Enjoy handcrafted levels
Enjoy handcrafted levels

Gaming Features

There are a number of game features to point out in the Big Head Gunner app such as the fact there are 180 stars to collect: but first you need to find them! There are other items to collect as well, there are nine bonus games, nine boss battles, and HD animation that runs at 60 FPS. The overall effect of this app is just very sleek and polished and one that grabs your attention. The fact that the levels are handcrafted is obvious from the start thanks to the extreme details and uniqueness. The user interface performs smoothly thanks to the bug fixes that were recently made and you’ll find you’re addicted pretty much from the start of this game.

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The challenges keep on coming
The challenges keep on coming

Big Head Gunner


Pros and Cons


  • There is more than 50 hours’ worth of gameplay
  • Work your way through 36 levels and sub-levels which have been handcrafted
  • The app features Precision Touch controls that are smooth and intuitive
  • There are collectibles to find
  • The game is addictive and very challenging


  • There is nothing negative to say

36 unique levels
36 unique levels

Final Words

The Big Head Gunner app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is packed full of fun and challenge and treats players to a unique look with fabulous game controls.


Big Head Gunner

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