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Solitaire Arena app review: who says you have to play solitaire alone



Likely you've played the game of Solitaire plenty of times and now there is a new way to enjoy the game with other people. The Solitaire Arena app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you a chance to compete in eight-person tournaments and real-time one-on-one challenges. If you thought playing against the computer was hard, playing against another individual adds a whole new element to the game. This is the Klondike version of solitaire, which many people are familiar with.

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Solitaire Arena


Real-Time Battles

The Solitaire Arena app gives you the opportunity to enjoy Klondike style solitaire not on your own but in tournaments and one-on-one action. You'll be following all the rules of Klondike so there is nothing new to learn but you'll also see your opponent's top foundations. This is how you'll be able to tell how well you're doing. Because this game has been built for your device the cards show up perfectly and are very easy to read. The app offers drag-and-drop functionality or you can simply tap on a card for it to go to the correct spot.

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The app is free to play but there are a number of in-app purchases available. These range in price from $1.99 to $19.99. The app has a whopping 4.5 out of five stars from users who can't seem to get enough of the game. In its latest update there were a number of bug fixes made giving users a smoother performance overall.

Play in a variety of ways
Play in a variety of ways

Not Your Typical Experience

The Solitaire Arena app provides you with a different experience than you're used to with this game. This is a much more social experience, something that doesn't usually go hand-in-hand with the game of solitaire. Some of the features here include huge signs on the cards so they are easy to read, an unlimited amount of hints and undos, the ability to view hints in more user-friendly manner, and you can click on auto-finish once you have solved the game.

You can connect through Facebook so that you can see your opponent's avatar but if you'd rather not connect through Facebook you don't have to. The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards so you can claw your way to the top. While the graphics aren't high-tech they are certainly sleek and well-done. The user interface operates smoothly and without issues and you'll be able to focus on the game at hand.

Make use of a variety of tools
Make use of a variety of tools

Solitaire Arena


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers a new twist on Solitaire
  • Take part in multi-player tournaments and real-time one-on-one battles
  • The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards
  • There are hints available
  • The cards are large and very easy to read


  • There are a large number of in-app purchases available which can get expensive
  • Some users don’t like that you need to use Facebook in order to get extras

Addictive gameplay
Addictive gameplay

Final Thoughts

The Solitaire Arena app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a social take on the classic game that injects brand-new challenge into it.


Solitaire Arena

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