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Bubble Heroes app review: your help is requested



Your help has been requested in order to assist all the starfishes who have been captured. The Bubble Heroes app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a bright and vivid offering that focuses on some rather cute and unexpected underwater heroes. It's up to you to help Rockford Reef out and get all the Starfish back from the evil octopus who goes by the name of Boris. There are plenty of levels to work through with lots of adventure, fun characters, and beautiful graphics.

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Bubble Heroes: Starfish Rescue


Find Those Starfish

Your goal is simple with the Bubble Heroes app: you are needed to help find all the starfish and save them from Boris the evil octopus. In order to succeed in this quest you'll need to work through over 50 levels across the coral lands and underwater worlds. The app features a few different game modes and each one is challenging in its own way. And before you go thinking that you'll be able to work your way through all 50 levels, let it be known that the developer has plans to keep adding more levels on a monthly basis.

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The game has just recently been updated with some brand-new effects and sounds that make it all the more entertaining. The app currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users but no customer comments at this time.

Enjoy addictive gameplay
Enjoy addictive gameplay

Take Part in the Action

When you launch the Bubble Heroes app you'll be entering the land of Rockford Reef and you'll become acquainted with the adorable characters of The Jellies, Stu, and Kara. These are the creatures working to save all those starfish and put things back the way they should be in the reef. As mentioned there are a few different game modes which are Avoid the Current, Collect the Top, and Save the Starfish. Each of these game modes feature plenty of bubble-popping fun and challenge. The app supports Game Center which means you can play against your friends to see who reigns supreme with the high score. The app is universal so you can enjoy it on all your devices.

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For me a big bonus in this game is the graphics, which are just tons of fun. You'll love all the bright colors, adorable characters, and even the sounds. Everything is really well-done and very professional-looking.

There are a couple of game modes
There are a couple of game modes

Bubble Heroes: Starfish Rescue


Pros and Cons


  • There are a couple of different game modes
  • The app offers beautiful and fun graphics and sounds
  • The app supports Game Center and high scores
  • There are more than 50 levels to work your way through and there are plans to add more


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

The Bubble Heroes app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to pass a little time and become completely enveloped in an underwater world.


Bubble Heroes: Starfish Rescue

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