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Show Me Da Money app review: real-time earnings tracker



If you’ve ever been stuck in a boring work conference or meeting of some kind then you’ll love Show Me Da Money as it allows you to see how much money you’re earning in real time simply with a quick glance at your iPhone.

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I absolutely love the concept behind this app because it really speaks to some of my own personal experience from having worked in a busy office environment.

Show Me Da Money


View Your Earnings in Real Time

I’ve previously worked in a corporate environment and I know how soul-crushing it can be when you’re dragged into seemingly endless meetings just so your manager can take half the day to explain something that could have easily been put into a short email.

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With this experience I can definitely see the value of an app like this; I only wish I’d found it sooner!

A ray of light
A ray of light

Spare Your Sanity in Mind-Numbing Meetings

All Show Me Da Money requires is that you simply input your monthly earnings and how many hours you work in a month, and from there you’ll be able to at least spare your sanity to some degree by having a real-time point of reference for how much you’re earning.

The only downside to this is that salespeople such as I used to be will still be missing out on potential commission, so if you’re in this situation then I’m afraid you’ll just have to suck it up and wait for the meeting to finish!

Real-time earnings
Real-time earnings

Show Me Da Money


Pros & Cons


  • Easily see in real time how much you are earning while standing around the water cooler
  • Provides some peace of mind during soul-crushing meetings
  • Simply glance at your iOS device to remember that you’re still earning money


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Save your sanity
Save your sanity

Final Words

Show Me Da Money is a great idea for an iPhone and iPad app that is definitely a must-have for any of you who work in a tedious office environment with frequent meetings and other useless distractions going on around you.


Show Me Da Money

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