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IKICKZ app review: an app to help you find the perfect pair of Nikes



IKICKZ is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you to find the best deal on your next pair of shoes! Whether you’re interested in finding Jordans, Lebrons, Kobes, or Yezzys, this app has you covered.

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IKICK - Online Shopping Basketball & Running Sneaker!


Search for Your Kickz

If you love your shoes, and want to find the next pair perfect for your upcoming basketball game, then IKICKZ can help! Rather than Googling for your shoe to find the best deal, you can count on the app to have the best deal for you. You also don’t have to go around from store to store, wasting all of your time, only to find that the store doesn’t have your size.

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The search function allows you to search for a specific shoe name by typing it in, or if you prefer you can search by category by clicking on the shoe family of choice. For example, if you click on Jordan shoes, Air Jordan styles 1-14, XX8, XX9, Women, Kids, Son of Mars, Super Fly 2, Future, ACE 23 II, and Jumpman Team 1 all appear for selection. I clicked on Jumpman Team 1 to see what my options were and found three color options. It seems that the shoes each start at size 8 though, and I am a size 5 ½ or 39EU. I much prefer men’s styling and width, so this is a frustration for me.

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Women's Section

When you select the women’s section of any shoe in IKICKZ, you will find all of the shoes available whereas the men’s is sorted into individual shoes. If you’re shopping for women’s shoes then I guess this is helpful, but for my needs, it would make more sense to sort the shoes only by name, then have all of the shoes for men, women, and kids of the same name under that section. Specify that it’s for kids in the name so you don’t accidentally order a kids' 13 when you need a men’s 13 though! Another option would be to have three options to begin with: men’s, women’s, kid’s and then go to the name of the shoe from there.

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IKICK - Online Shopping Basketball & Running Sneaker!


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great for shopping for your Nike shoes
  • Sorted by shoe family, then shoe name for easier browsing


  • Selecting women or kids will pull up all shoes on one page rather than sorting them the way they sort the men’s shoes
  • Men’s shoes start at size 8 and some men have smaller feet but don’t want to buy kids’ shoes

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

IKICKZ is an iPhone and iPad app to help you find the best deal on your next pair of Nike kickz. Shoe shopping is stressful enough without having to compare prices on the Internet or flyers, and this app has so many different styles that you can really find a shoe you’ll love. Overall, the app is well organized, but I’d like to see smaller sizes for men, and a better organization for women and kids.

IKICK - Online Shopping Basketball & Running Sneaker!

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